Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What type of dog should the new First Dog be?

I am hard at work on a new piece, but thought I would engage in some silliness.

President Elect Obama promised his daughters a puppy if they were good during his campaign.

Last night he told them they would get a puppy.

Now, I hope he gets a puppy from the pound, or ASPCA, not a puppy mill.

But I wonder what kind of dog he should get to be the First Puppy?

I will toss in a White or Yellow Lab. Girl.

Any other ideas? I know there are a lot of dog people out there!
(The picture for this post is of Socks Clinton).


Anonymous said...

Pitbull, that should help his inner city supporters identify with him.

Sherry said...

I love silliness, so I'm here.

Good point about that pit bull. But Labs--IF you train them well early in life--are totally wonderful family dogs. We're on a run of Shelties right now, have had Labs, Border collies and a terrific, smart poodle cross in the past. Shelties are a nice size, but need to be well bred lest they be squirrely. Poodles look fine and fuzzy, not silly at all in a puppy clip and are extremely smart, long-lived, interesting dogs. BCs are just too smart for my sweetie and me and they need a job and LOTS of room and exercise.

So, I guess I vote for a pit bull, puppy-clipped poodle or Lab or a mutt from the pound. Mostly, I vote for whatever dog they fall in love with.

Whatever dog they get, those wee girls really HAVE earned it!

Bless you all.

Larry said...

A dachshund, of course! A miniature doxie in particular could be carried around like Paris Hilton or Elle Woods do their chihuahuas.

Plus, a wiener dog would improve relations with Germany :-)

susan said...

@Anonymous- never thought of a Pitbull, but I like it! Are they good with children though?

@Sherry-You really are a dog lady! Do you mean miniature Poodles or the large size ones?

@Larry, of course you like Doxies. I have never heard of a mini doxie.

Ana said...

A yorkshire.
But not the little. I'll measure Nell.

Sherry said...

I like about any kind of poodle. But only in a puppy clip. They look like giant puff balls that way.

Mini doxies really are quite adorable. I like long haired dox, too.

I like big dogs, also. Irish wolfhounds, with heads as big as breadboxes and gentle dispositions. Scottish deerhounds, looking allover like an unmade bed.

Yeah. (blush) I'm a dog person. A duck person, too. I'd be going on and on even worse if Obama promised his kids a duck.

Immi said...

According to he's promised to get a rescue dog. So pup should be not a puppy mill pooch. I happen to think the First Dog should be a cat, though. hehe

susan said...

@Ana- Yorkies are nice. Nell is a Yorkie?

@ Immi- Yes, yes, that is why I put up the famous picture of Socks Clinton on my site!

Merelyme said...

awww socks looks a lot like my mew mew. i think on tv they talked about a mix...of a lab and a poodle?

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