Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Amazing people who wrote for Ray Sandford

Ray Sandford, a resident of Minnesota, has been getting ECT. He does not want this procedure and is fighting it, along with the kind people at Mind Freedom, and the bloggers of the Internet.

These letters were just posted on the Mind Freedom Website.

My views on ECT are as follows. I had it done, against my will. If you want to have it done, fine. If you don't, you shouldn't. ECT caused a lot of damage to my brain, to my memory, to my life. I wouldn't wish this procedure on my worst enemy.

Take a look to read these letters, and thanks to all who wrote in behalf of Ray. Lets hope he never has another round of this again.

ETA: Mind Freedom has been added to my blog roll.


Stephany said...
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Ana said...

Good to know.
It's not difficult to make the link, Susan.
You must 1) highlight the words you want the link to appear; 2)click on the bottom that's beside the "text color" bottom.
3) a pop-up will be prompted and you just have to copy the link to this box.
Hope it helps.

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