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Ray Sandford needs a Thanksgiving Reprieve-Please Help

MindFreedom International - 24 November 2008
Ray Human Rights Alert #4: Please Forward

You Can Ask: Thanksgiving Reprieve?

MindFreedom Filing Complaint with UN Claiming "Torture" in Minnesota

The next forced outpatient electroshock of Ray Sandford is
scheduled for this Wednesday morning, 26 November 2008, the day
before the USA holiday of Thanksgiving.

Join an international campaign *NOW* to phone Minnesota Governor
Tim Pawlenty today and tomorrow, before the shock:

1) Ask the Governor to give Ray Sandford a reprieve from his next
forced electroshock.

2) Ask the Governor -- who claims to believe in limited government --
if he supports laws in Minnesota allowing this torture: the
involuntary administration of electroshock therapy (ECT) of people
living out in the community?

A MindFreedom investigation revealed that Ray Sandford, 54,
complained of being escorted every week for months from his supported
living home in Columbia Heights, Minnesota to Mercy Hospital for
another course of electroshock over his objection.

After the first MindFreedom News international alert, Ray's doctor
let him skip his forced shock this past Wednesday, 19 November.

This Wednesday morning, 26 November, Ray expects to be woken up early
once again to be escorted the 15 miles to what he is told will be his
34th involuntary outpatient electroshock under special Minnesota laws.

Meanwhile, MindFreedom is filing a official claim with the United
Nations calling Minnesota's abuse of Ray "torture," using a new
process and expanded definition by the UN.



Join in a MindFreedom international phone-in campaign!

Telephone Governor Pawlenty's office *NOW* -- and insist on talking
to a staff person.

Call any day, but especially call today and tomorrow, *before* Ray's
scheduled electroshock this Wednesday.

From anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free (800) 657-3717.

You have the best chance of reaching staff from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Central Time weekdays.

NOTE: Staff is directing many of these calls into voice mail.
MindFreedom is not aware of anyone actually getting a response to
this voice mail.

DO NOT GIVE UP! Politely but FIRMLY insist on on talking to a staff

If you get redirected to voice mail leave a message, but call back
until you get an answer from a live person.

If you do receive any helpful information, e-mail it to


Ray Campaign News Updates:

MindFreedom Filing Complaint with United Nations Alleging
"Torture" by Minnesota

This past Friday, 21 November, disability advocates met with Ray at
the Minnesota Center for Independent Living. Ray told advoctates he
very much supports this campaign.

During the meeting a teleconference was held with MindFreedom
President Celia Brown in New York City and MindFreedom Director David
Oaks in Oregon. Celia interviewed Ray so that MindFreedom may file a
human rights complaint under a new process with a United Nations
Special Rappateur. Because of recent developments, some types of
severe psychiatric abuse may now be considered torture by the UN.

Involuntary outpatient electroshock (IOE) is part of a trend to bring
the power of forced psychiatric procedures out into the community,
from the back ward to your front porch.

Mind your freedom: Your home is no longer your castle... it can
become your ward.

Electroshock itself has made a comeback throughout the USA, and
internationally, without adequate human rights protection.

You may read some of the many public comments that have been e-mailed
to the Governor at tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us here:


For a full-sized photo of Ray click on his image here:

Past alerts:

7 Nov: Alert #1 - How to e-mail the Governor:

12 Nov: Alert #2 - First phone-in to Governor:

16 Nov: Alert #3 - Ask Governor's Director of Communications Brian
McClung for answers:


Don't let Ray get escorted without you saying "no" to torture out in
our communities.

It takes just a few moments. Please nonviolently "zap back" by asking

The campaign is being heard in the Governor's office. MindFreedom has
evidence that at least one frustrated operator has hung up on callers
about Ray.

Ray did not give up. So we won't give up!

From anywhere in the USA or the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free: (800) 657-3717.


Please forward this public alert to supporters of human rights on and
off Internet with an encouragement to act *NOW*!

There's a reason MindFreedom International has broken the silence on
this issue:

Independent united activism.

To support MindFreedom and this campaign please join, renew early or
donate today, click here:


Once you join MindFreedom, current members can apply to get on the
MindFreedom electroshock campaign e-mail list called ZAPBACK where
the Ray campaign is coordinated internationally. Once you're an MFI
member sign up on ZAPBACK here:



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MindFreedom International is a 100 percent independent nonprofit
united to win activist campaigns for human rights and alternatives in
mental health.

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