Friday, November 21, 2008

Polly want a Prozac?

No one loves animals more than me. Imagine my shock to see this yesterday- a parrot given Prozac to cope with the loss of his human companion.

From Telegraph.Co.UK November 20, 2008....

Parrot given Prozac after owner dies
A parrot is taking Prozac for depression following the death of its owner.

By Charlotte Bailey
Last Updated: 12:17PM GMT 20 Nov 2008

Fred, an African Grey parrot, was owned by George Dance, who had rasied him from a chick.

After Mr Dance died nine months ago, Fred became depressed and bit off all of his neck feathers. He also began to bob his head up and down all day as a result of his low mood.

The bird has now been prescribed a twice-daily liquid dose of a bird-friendly version of Prozac, called Clomicalm.

George's widow Helen, from Somerset, told The Sun: "He has been in quite a state since my husband died.
"Fred was very close to George and became depressed."

According to experts, tropical birds are extremely emotional and the number who require anti-depressants is growing.

Late last year, a collie-Labrador cross called Winnie was given Clomicalm after it began to cry and pace nervously.

An animal behaviourist diagnosed Winnie with canine separation anxiety, and the mood-altering drug now helps her to cope


Ana said...

I've already heard of this and Philip has made a post on this shit.
This people are scumbags.
If they treat humans the way they do why no animals?
Sometimes I just have that feeling that humankind should disappear.

susan said...


I didn't see Dawdy's piece on this, or I would have never put it here.

I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it may sound awful, but if you have a pet who is out of control and the alternative is euthanasia--i.e. returning her to the shelter you got her from--do you really think you should let her die rather than try medication? I adopted a rescue hound mix after my old dog died in May. She was out of control and my beagle was in danger and I was in danger from her behavior. My vet prescribed Prozac which enabled me to keep her because it calmed her down considerably. She is happy, the Prozac from the vet is very cheap, my beagle and I are safe and my adopted dog is alive. So why is this so wrong or why does it make me a scum-bag? I say this as someone who would never recomomend Prozac to a human being, but dogs and parrots are NOT human beings whatever Peter Singer and his ilk may want to believe.

susan said...


You raise some points I never thought about, really I never did. I just find it odd to give Prozac to a bird, and I still do.

I have heard of Prozac for dogs and cats. I can understand reasons for giving that to them. But a bird- just kind of still stuns me.

And no, never ever call yourself a scum bag. I am personally one of your admirers! And read your blog daily!

Thanks for giving me something to think about that I never thought about before.



kimmyk said...

i do find it odd to give prozac to a bird, but really...i'm sure the bird is going through the same things an adult would. and that's sad. poor bird. i dont see anything wrong with medicating an animal as long as it's for the right reasons...if the bird is dealing with issues of anxiety and separation, then someone should try to help the bird in any way they can. even if that means medication.

Gianna said...

prozac makes some animals more aggressive and hostile and does not calm them down at all...

it's just like in humans...for some there seems to be at least a temporary improvement...for other animals you're risking worse behavior including biting which will end in having the dog put down...

in any case there may, as hymes exhibits, be some instances where it is the humane thing to do, but just as with humans often times drugs are given to animals because the owners don't know how to discipline or care for the animal properly.

I somehow missed this post!

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