Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day-Not Black Friday

I got this from Gianna Kali at "Beyond Meds"- and it's brilliant. Today in America is "Black Friday". It's the first shopping day before Christmas, and people get up at 3 am to be in front of the major department stores at 4 am or 5 am to get good deals on things like cameras, DVD's, TV's, you name it. 

I cannot imagine getting up at 3 am for anything cept maybe a Beatles concert, with all 4 original Beatles playing. In other words- there is nothing short of a fire, that would make me leave my comfortable bed at 3 am. 

Something to think about as we Americans shop til we drop today. Lets just stay home, and watch some football, read a good book, or listen to this album Fiddy (Seroxat ((Paxil))  Sufferers, Stand up and be Counted), got me hooked on- "Black Ice" by AC/DC. 


Anonymous said...

Somewhat proudly and also with a dash of terror, I note I'm yet to do *any* Christmas shopping.

I'm no fan of the great plunder of my savings that this holiday represents - mostly because my family are soooo into the spending. And I'm not.

But I try. And it gets tougher each year.

Not to mention I personally detest being given more "things" that I have to figure out what to do with, or hold onto for several years til I can give it away...

No shop Friday sounds good to me!

Now... off to make that list and try to figure out what to buy my family...

Fiddy said...

AC/DC will cure those blues. They do the trick for me :)


Angus Young

NurseExec said...

We bailed on Christmas this year, in favor of sending all that money spent to Soldier's Angels, a charity that provides Christmas presents to all of those deployed to Iraq. We also asked family and friends to do the same. We needed to get out of ourselves for the holidays--past years have just gotten ridiculous.

I'm excited about not having to shop this year!

Enjoying your blog muchly, btw :)

Stephany said...

No way in hell do I do those after Thanksgiving shopping craziness sales!

Though I do go into Seattle to watch the tree lighting and window shop!

susan said...

@Svasti- I usually bake for my family since I am on a fixed income. My dad is a diabetic, but what I do is go over to his house for a Giants game- (football) and we wear our Giants sweatshirts, wave our number one fingers, and have a good time. Cost- nothing. Time with dad- Priceless.

Mom is usually a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts, a split Boston Creme donut and lots of girl talk. Cost- under five dollars, and again 0 Princeless.

Lists are good. I need to make lists.

@Angus- darling, I am developing a serious crush on you and falling off of Anderson Cooper. Help! I will have to get a photo of you and keep it by my bed, like a teenager mooning over Hannah Montana.

Just one question dear Angus- do you use a guitar with my surname or not??They are the best to rock with you know. You can pick one up on your American Tour.

Also you can slip me a ticket with a back stage pass to Giants Stadium via the Tooth Fairy tonight under my pilllow.

@NurseEx, that is wonderful. i give to Toys for Tots and must write about that. I also go into Manhattan and write letters from Santa... again I must go into that.

@Stephany, I love the tree lighting and the windows too, but I have never seen them in Seattle. Do they light up the Space Needle so Rudolph won't crash into it?

Anthony said...

I must have gotten 20 e-mail coupons for various discounts that are good only Friday between 6am and 1pm - intentionally trying to lure me into a store for 20% off. That's like leaning into a punch.

I don't get involved in Xmas shopping at all and I wouldn't go near a mall or shopping center today without a helmet and flak jacket.

Any industry (retail) that depends so much on one month of the year for their income (hence the name "Black Friday") is a pretty weak industry. They prey on weak consumers, so I suppose it's a match made in Heaven.

Stephany said...

they have a christmas tree shape of lights on the top of the space needle, i guess rudolph will be safe!

not sure about the crush on anderson cooper! ? j/k lol

Ana said...

This is great!
These consuming hysteria has gone to far.
People are buying stuffs they don't even know how to use.

Sherry said...

We stopped doing Christmas 20 years ago, although it took years to get my sister to lay off me about it. Winter is not my best time and I'm simply not looking for a hobby at this time of year. I do not go into any stores other than to do my food shopping from Nov 1 until after Xmas. I can't take the crowds. I still go to my usual feed & grain store, small town hardware store, etc. but nothing else. Although, now that I think of it I never go into those big boxy stores any other time, maybe twice a year.

I adore the thought of boycotting this Black Friday madness. Thanks for passing that idea on. I've been doing just that for years and it's nice to know I have company.

Stephany said...

I went to the tree lighting (that was partial bust, per the sound tech for choirs all broke, etc)but I did not buy anything. Just Starbucks! ok so corporate greed got me there. :)

Stephany said...

Go to the Seattlest side bar link on Philip's blog=== and it shows a pic of "Hurry" "buy more stuff" signs...that's about all of the excitement in Seattle downtown today! (and I posted a pic of the tree on my blog)

Marissa Miller said...

I am a consumer whore. I have gone BF shopping for the past three years including this year. I love it. It gives me the opportunity to splurge like I can't all year. And I feel as though I'm making my contribution to assisting the economy. :P

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