Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cannot blog today, sick cat redux

I enjoyed my night with Holly, and slept like a baby next to her in my bed.

This morning was a different story. She has not used her litter box since she came home, and will not eat or drink. I called the vet and am waiting for her call to tell me to bring the cat in, to see what is going on again.

I really want to thank all people who have come via, and Spark.Com this week- my hits for this site have hit a week record of over 1000 so far. I am humbled. I owe you all something about Mental Health, but right now, I need to take care of my family, which is my cat. I may write tonight, I may just turn off the computer, and listen to the new AC/DC album that arrived from Amazon, and was recommended to me by Fiddy, webmaster of Seroxat (Paxil) Sufferers Stand Up and Be Counted.

I want to recommend some really good blogs and sites, just a few from my daily reads and tell them Holly and Susan sent you. All are on my blog roll, since I still don't know how to do hyperlinks.

Furious Seasons
- both for Philip Dawdy's journalistic skill, and the reader's comments. Advice, make your self a cup of coffee, or tea, and really take the time read the comments as well. I cannot think of another site anywhere on the blogosphere that generates such thoughtful debates.

Beyond Meds
- Gianna Kali writes about meds and their side effects. No one, does this better.

Soulful Spulcher
- Stephany is the mother of daughter who is recovering from a nightmare from meds, and hospitals. I honestly think, Stephany should get the :"mother of the year"- award- after my own mother, of course.

Finding Optimism
- James' site can always be counted on for lifting you out of sadness.

It's Quite An Experience
- Matt is currently blogging about his fish tanks, and Holly loves looking at the fish. Free range sushi, anyone?

blog. She is currently blogging about writing and writing skills- must read for all of us doing NaMoWriMo this month....

Storied Mind
- John D writes like a dream about his battles with depression.

The Trouble With Spikol
- because Liz loves animals and does get it about mental health issues. Now that the election is over, she is getting back to her roots, mental health issues with occasional cute fixes thrown in.

. Bex is going through a bad patch right now, but man, can this guy write! His blog is new, so I would love people to take a look at it, and tell Bexter is he not alone with his depression, and struggles with alcoholism. He has a beautiful yellow lab puppy on the site too.

10. And lastly, Holly's favorite site-
Serendipity Dog
. Yeah, Koda is a dog, but he is amazing, and he does share his life with a cat named Sammy.

But in all honesty, all the blogs on my blog roll are keepers.

Hopefully I will be back to blogging ASAP. In the mean time, I posted a new picture of Holly on this piece.


Larry said...

Schumie has been under the weather herself since yesterday. In sympathy?

Ana said...

Take care Susan.
We will be praying for you and Holly.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Hope Holly has a speedy recovery.

Merelyme said...

oh no...what is wrong with your kitty? i hope everything is okay and thank you so much for the link in your post. you are too good to me!

Stephany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bexter said...

Re. hyperlinks: If you write in Compose mode, write the text you want to become a link, highlight it, and click on the icon that looks like a couple links in a chain superimposed over a small globe. You will then be asked to enter the URL in a pop-up dialog box. Presto! You're linked.

You can do it in Edit HTML mode but this is messier.

Hope this helps; you've been a great help to me lately. And more importantly I hope Holly returns to health soon. She looks like a beautiful shorthair. (The Sweetie is a notable cat-lover too, so by extension I am as well.)

Southernbelle said...

Susan, I was heartsick to read that sweet Holly is suffering again. I left you a message on your other blog.

My mom and I (along with many other people) are praying very hard for you and for beautiful Holly. Don't let those vets give up until they find EVERYTHING that is bothering that sweet little girl!!!! (And then make it all better, of course!)

Are there any animal hospitals anywhere near you? They have an amazing array of specialista and I guarantee you, they could quickly find out just what is wrong. And you can pay them on a "sliding scale" too--they are true animal lovers who can't bear seeing our babies sick, and they know that most of us are NOT rich!!

Loving and praying and thinking of you both--please give all my love to Holly!!!! And don't forget to take good care of yourself too, sweetie!!!

Much love and huge hugs,

Radagast said...

Get well soon, Holly.


Sherry said...

Oh geez. Thinking of you, Holly.

Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

I hope your pet-friend Holly gets well soon.

Mala50 said...

Thinking of you & Holly with love & concern.

Fabulous links!


John said...

Susan - Thank you! The comment and link mean a lot to me, especially from you. And, as usual, every time I see a list like this I make new discoveries, and I will get right into them.

And I trust Holly is past the druggy state now and, I hope, much better. It's wonderful you've had her close by to get you through hard times. I suppose it won't be long before I start blogging about our cats (4) and dogs(2). Naturally the cats have very complicated relationships and each requires unique territory and treatment. And we are sick at heart if any get ill or injured. So I wish you two the best of health and happiness.



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