Thursday, November 27, 2008

For Stephany

I know it's not even Black Friday yet- and I was saving this til Christmas- but cannot resist. Something for my friends not in the US. It's the Trans Siberian Orchestra, "Wizards in Winter", and the ultimate Clark Griswold house.


Stephany said...
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Anthony said...

Isn't that the coolest thing?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sherry said...

Wow! That is SO cool! I've been vaguely aware of the Trans Siberian Orchestra but don't have a clue as to who they are. Mr. Duck and I just watched this and were totally charmed by it. I'm going to look them up. And Clark Griswold. Sigh. I feel like such a cultural illiterate. I was reading about the latest "Dancing with the Stars" and realized the reason it holds little appeal for me is that I've never heard of any of the stars.
But you can be sure I'll be up on TSO from now on.
Sherry (who just bought her first Death Cab for Cutie album--and who's moved up to "album" from "record" and who will probably make the jump to "CD" a mere year or two after whatever comes next arrives upon the scene)

susan said...

@Stephany, I saw your video with Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, which is my favorite song by TSO. So I was thinking of you.

@Anthony, it is, but I still wouldn't want him as a neighbor. All those crowds to see the house!

@ Sherry TSO has a huge following now at holiday time, I really enjoy them. Their two best songs are "Wizards in Winter", used here, and "Christmas Eve, Sarajavo", which Stephany posted on her blog.

Clark Griswold-Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon Vacation movies. the Christmas Vacation is my favorite. He tries to decorate the house, and puts lights up on the roof, imagine, easily a thousand lights stapled on the roof, and when he turns them on, it blinds the couple next door, the girl played by Julia Louis Dreyfuss before she was on Seinfeld.

Where i live a lot of people put up so many Christmas lights, plastic mangers, plastic santas, lights on every tree, my sister and I started calling them "Griswold houses".

I hope Mr. Duck has a good holiday and is not stuffed and marinated.

Polar Bear said...

Thanks for sharing that.

susan said...

Polar Bear, you are so welcome.

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