Wednesday, November 5, 2008

RIP Michael Crichton

I met Michael Crichton once. He was the tallest man I ever met.

From the BBC-

Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park has died, aged 66, after a "courageous and private battle against cancer," his family has said.
He penned the books Congo, Twister and the popular Jurassic Park trilogy, all of which were adapted into films.
He also created the long-running US hospital drama ER and his books have sold more than 150 million copies.
"He will be profoundly missed by those whose lives he touched," his family said in a statement.
Crichton has won an Emmy, a Peabody, and a Writer's Guild of America Award for ER.
He became the the toast of Hollywood when his 1971 novel The Andromeda Strain was turned into a film.



Ana said...

I'm sorry. He was young.

Mala50 said...

Imagination and professionalism in a tough industry.

And fr too young to die.

Polar Bear said...

I was very sad to hear of his passing. I love his books. Particularly "Prey" and some of his more recent releases - and "Next".

Immi said...

I was sad to hear about his death too.

Merelyme said...

i had heard about him passing...he wasn't that old was he? so how tall was he?

susan said...

Thank you all,

I know this is supposed to be a mental health blog, but a writer is a writer, and I loved "The Andromeda Strain".

Merlelyme , he was 6' 9".

Polly said...

Another point of view: Michael Crichton dies

susan said...


I am glad you stopped by. I miss your blogging my friend.

That was a lovely obit you posted. I am afraid I posted mine within 10 minutes after his death was announced, so there was not a more complete bio to link to.

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