Monday, November 10, 2008

Very sick cat

Holly was taken to the vet today. Vet would not get near her, she was in too much pain and would hiss and snarl. She bit me hard and scratched me that I might have to get stitches.

Vet will knock her out tomorrow and examine her. She is at vet tonight, heavily sedated and hopefully sleeping.

Please pray.




Larry said...

There are a lot of people rooting for you on ("you" Susan and "you" Holly) ...

Border Life said...

Oh no, kitty :'-( sorry to hear it... hope your scratch is doing better... me and my two kitties are sending good thoughts to you and Holly... <3BL

Sandy Naian said...

Susan, all of us — Marty, Riley, Lucy and even little Auggie in Cleveland, I, of course, we're all sending good thoughts in your direction and praying it's just a little indigestion. Gas, perhaps. Nothing more.
And Holly will be fine and home, safe and sound with you soon. Very soon! Try to sleep.
Take care and we send you hugs and love.

Sandy Naiman said...


I'm so exhausted I misspelled my name.

It's Sandy Naiman. We both must sleep!

Try to rest and heal and if possible, not worry.
Holly is in good hands at the vet's.

Jazz said...

*Hugs* to both you and Holly. Hope she gets well soon!

Anonymous Drifter said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. May she be healed and well soon.

Ana said...

I hope Holly is fine.
Take care Susan.
Sending you good thoughts.

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