Thursday, September 11, 2008

something to take your mind off today

Gianna Kali is a brilliant blogger. She mostly writes about her difficult withdrawal from Lamictal. as well as other drugs in her med cocktail, and does it lyrically. I know her story has inspired people, from the comments they leave behind on her site.

But Gianna is also tops in my book because she is also a cat lady. She has two cats and a beautiful dog. And we both want to pet tigers.

Check out her two articles on cats for a real cute fix, and tell her Holly the cat sent you!

And no, this is not a picture of Gianna. Although, I suspect, like me, we wish we were the girl in the photo caressing the tiger.


Gianna said...

thank you Susan from one "cat lady" to the next...that is very very sweet....and yes, I am a cat lady, kept in control by my husband...I truly would have numerous more cats if I least 4 right now...I've got two and I want to get two litter mates...

litter mates are delightful because they remain close their whole lives and curl up together to sleep and what two cats avoid each other...and fight from time to time...which I suppose litter mates probably do too! Everybody fights sometimes I think, animal and human!

susan said...

Gianna, I would have a lot of cats if I could and at least one dog.

Is your Avatar your dog? I never noticed it before.

He's darling.

Ana said...

This photo is amazing.
I saw it on Gianna's blog.
Of course I wish I was there.

sara said...

Thanks for the link, looking forward to reading it.

Merelyme said...

I will definitely go visit her! I am a cat lady too!

jessi said...

My cousin who is crazy about all animals, cats included, once put her hand through the bars of the cage of a baby tiger, trying to pet it's head. My friend and I, present at that scene, told her she'd better not.

The little thing, looking so cute, immediately hissed and clawed at her, sinking it's nails in her finger, getting stuck behind her wedding ring. It took a lot of pain and panic before she could disentangle herself. And a visit to the ER, and some stitches, to fix her.

Conclusion? Petting tigers is for divorced people only!!! LOL!


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