Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ketchup Day

Today is being set aside, not to blog, but to play catch up.

I am behind on my personal emails, personal phone calls, and text messages. I have not cleaned or done laundry in a week. l have not ready any of my friend's blogs in a week, or the blogs in my blog roll, and I miss them.

I will be back to posting tomorrow.

In the mean time, thank you all for the letters, emails, phone calls, text messages, and love.

I am blessed to know so many of you, feel blessed as well that there are so many good and wonderful people in the world.


Sandy Naiman said...


And we are blessed to know you!

Have a lovely Ketchup Day!


Ana said...

We are blessed to know you. (2)

I never thought I would meet so many amazing people.
This is one of the most important reward I've got by opening a blog (in English, and, still, you can understand me despite all mistakes! :) )
Have a nice Sunday!

Immi said...

Day off is good. No explanation needed. *hugs offered*

Polar Bear said...

Take as much time as you need. You deserve the break.

Raspberry said...

I love that term -
hope you had a good ketchup day!

Rasp xXx

susan said...

Hi Sandy, Ana, Immi,Polar Bear and Raspberry,

Thank you. I am afraid I have been a very bad girl, slept most of the day, didn't even go across the street to get my Sunday bagel, lox and cream cheese.

I am trying to catch up on blogs, but I think my brain just seems kinda of broken today and asleep, so I will just veg out and watch TV. Tomorrow is a busy day and I think my brain just needs to heal from all it's been through.

Thank you for stopping by!

Jazz said...

Hey, Susan, I've not been around for a while, but just wanted to stop by and send hugs, and let you know I'm thinking of you. Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs lazy time. Wish I had some right now LOL =8)

Here's hoping you're feeling refreshed and alive.


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