Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy Times Calls For Crazy Fun

I would like to thank fellow Blogger and mental health advocate (and friend!) Larry for sending this to me via email.

I confess, I haven't been in Vegas since I was a small child, that was back in the day when Howard Hughes was still alive and living there. My how times have changed.

Have any of you seen the new commercials from the Las Vegas tourism board -- the folks who brought us "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"?

They've come up with a new slogan called "Crazy Times Call For Crazy Fun."

That's bad enough. What's worse is the commercial, called "Courtroom," to support the campaign.

A judge coloring in a Rorschach test is seem losing control of his courtroom, which quickly descends into a riot. Someone is seen in a straitjacket; someone else is seen beating their chest like a baboon. The idea is that anyone who can escape this should go to Las Vegas.

I will NEVER be going to Las Vegas until this ad campaign is pulled.

PS -- Couldn't find a YouTube, but I'm sure one will be posted -- or you'll see the (ob)noxious ad -- soon enough.

PPS -- I understand another TV ad for the campaign is set in a post office. As if the stereotypes could get any worse ...

Larry then continues

I sent the following message to and and encourage everyone to do the same:

As a person surviving with mental illness, I find the "Crazy Times Call for Crazy Fun" ad campaign disgusting. The courtroom ad, with its Rorschach tests and straitjackets, is particularly stigmatizing.

In this case, whatever happened in Vegas to create this ad campaign should have stayed in Vegas. And I will certainly not be going to Vegas until the campaign is pulled


Merelyme said...

oh that is disturbing. what were they thinking with such an ad?

Raspberry said...

I am actually quite scared LOL

Rasp X

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