Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A blood red rose
mere token of affection
mocks me
from a silvery vase
encompassing the stem.

Blindly, it stretches towards light
from a bare bulb on a cluttered desk.

Blood flows
in minute drops
on silky soft petals.
Bleeding fingers-
damn hemophiliac.

Will you put on a tourniquet
before my life ebbs out.

(Previously published on Soulful Sepulcher- thanks Stephany for giving me a start with my poetry!)

Photo used with permission from Fabio,


Gianna said...

very moving poem...how are you susan?

Merelyme said...

you keep your life in you...we need you!

fabio said...

hi Susan, please credit the rose you use in this post with alink to my website, because it's one of mine http://www.fabiovisentin.com/photos/world/gallery.aspx?idG=12

susan said...


If you double clicked on the picture it went directly to your site, but I have added another hyperlink that should take readers to your site and another one straight to your roses page.

I hope this is Ok, it's a beautiful picture and I thought it was pubic domain. Your flowers are beautiful.

fabio said...

thanks very much, Susan, actually it's free for private use, but no republish possible without prior permission or credit link

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