Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

You are all my heroes


Ana said...

Hope you're fine Susan.

Marissa Miller said...

That's sweet.

Mark Krusen said...

I just stopped in to see what condition your condition was in. Have a great day.

susan said...

@Ana, I am fine. thank you.
@Marissa, isn't it? It made me cry!
@Mark=- I am Ok. Just very tired. How are you , Grandpa to be?

Anthony said...

There is a program somewhere where volunteers take dogs to hospitals to cheer up the patients. They've found that it lowers blood pressure and makes the patients feel better.

It works.

susan said...

@Anthony-they had that at the Rehabilitation hospital in Princeton - Merwick.

I got to hold a doggie during my Physical therapy. It was a lab!

Stephany said...

I got a special pass to bring Koda to the psych hospital to visit L, and many patients got to pet and hug Koda. He was the best dog, like a therapy dog meant to be. In 2 other hospitals, a golden retriever visited L., but that owner wouldn't bring the golden retriever to the state institution, because "it's dangeous" the owner said.

So, that's why I brought Koda to the next hospital.

You probably already know all of that!

susan said...

I love Koda. He has a big heart, like his humans.

Anonymous said...

Look after yourself -- you are my hero!


Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Susan!

Just stopping in to become acquainted with you and your blog!
Your blog looks very interesting!
I have enjoyed reading here today.
I hope you have a good day today!:)
My very best to you!
Hopeful Heart

Anonymous said...


I am glad that you seem to be feeling better.

Thanks that you thing that we are your heros. Just reading your blog while I go through a trying time has given me a lot of hope.

Keep on writing just knowing that you are getting through this mess is helping me.


susan said...

@Mary- you are also my hero I have my 12 year AA coin to give you on your next anniversary.

@ Thank you for stopping by Hopeful Heart. I have been enjoying reading your comments on Stephany's blog.

@Dave, thank you. Hopefully see you one Tuesday night at the meeting?

Ana said...

I have something for you:

Hope you like it.



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