Sunday, February 1, 2009


He's a Jersey Boy from Monmouth County, I'm a Jersey Girl from Middlesex County. But Bruce was magical in the Super Bowl...

I still have goose bumps. He's almost 60 and moves like a man half his age, and still has the greatest derriere to appear on a album cover. Yeah, I know there was also the greatest touch down in Super Bowl history, 100 yards. But then-

Bruce, Steve, and Clarence. Glory Days.

OMG= they did 10th Avenue Freeze Out, Born To Run, Working on a Dream, and Glory Days.

I cannot wait for it to be on You Tube- Fiddy, my fellow Springsteen fan, this entry is for you.


Fiddy said...

Cool. The new album is good... but I miss the rock. The Rising kinda rocked. Still thing the Letterman footage is one of the best performances ever!


susan said...

It was just great to see good.

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