Sunday, February 22, 2009

Send Chicken Soup! Stat!

Mom/Susan is running 102 today and feels worse than she did yesterday. So she apologizes for not blogging the last couple of days. I, on the other hand, have free reign over the computer, so I emailed my beaus, Michael and Shen, and and then I sent memberships to the mouse of the month club for all my feline friends. .....

And am answering mom's email, and reading mom's friends blogs.

So if you haven't heard from Susan- or are wondering why she sent a silly email, know it is me.

And no, Virginia, Cats do not watch the Oscars- why should we? The only dress than any cat ever liked was Bjork's Swan/Duck dress.

Meanwhile, gentle kind humans, enjoy this pretty picture of me-ow.


Holly the cat aka The Striped One .


Gianna said...

hope you feel better soon, I'm nursing a cold too, but no fever...

this has been going on too long for you...

Ana said...

I'm missing you.
Get well soon!
You'll feel better this week. I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a right nasty bug. Take good and gentle care of yourself 'eh.

I'm sure you'll start to feel much better soon!

*sending extra fluffy healing vibes your way* Dang chicken broth won't transmit over wireless... *grumble* ;)

Immi said...

Holly, the Hotties are offering to come purr on her with you. They're not interested in the Oscars either. After all, most of them wear tuxes all the time. I hope your Mom feels better soon.
P.S. Mini wants to know about this mouse of the month club.

Mark Krusen said...


I enjoyed your post. Sorry your ma is under the weather. She's not {Cat}atonic is she? Tell her to keep eating soup and she will feel Purrfect soon. I really like that picture of you,your the cats meow in my book.

With love and Respect,

Wendy said...

Holly, A nice back rub would make Mom/Susan feeling better - a gentle kitty "making bread" type of rub - you know what i mean - and you aren't too old to do what needs to be done.
hugs and a few asprin - hoping you are feeling better soon.
I only wish I could be cured with something that simple!!

Jazz said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Susan. Take good care of her, Holly!

Wellness Writer said...

Feel better soon. Thanks ever so much for leaving a comment when you feel so bad! Or maybe it's Holly who's doing the cat dance and moonwalk in my honor!


Merelyme said...

Awww...hello Holly the kitty. Mew Mew and Miss Isabella say hello.

Poor Susan...I hope you are feeling better soon. You rest and take care of yourself.

Sherry said...

Jeez, Louise. Again??? That sucks.

Lotsa soup, lotsa soup. Rest, too.

Sherry (writing from Santa Fe, NM)

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