Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Praying for Australia

In this domicile, Holly and I have been praying for those Down Under affective by the wild fires. We have never been to Australia, we have never been to anyplace in the Southern Hemisphere. But we know that out of the first 100 visitors that ever came to the blog- 5 of them were from Oz. To this day I know there are people from Oz who read me, but I don't know who they are.

I just want them to know, my heart and prayers are with them during this terrible time, I am mourning the loss of life- people from these fires as well as all the property being destroyed, people's homes and everything they own, and the animals that are dying as well.



Pyrs said...

I've been avoiding the news lately. Sort of giving myself some time off from it. So I didn't know about the fires. And because of your blog I made myself go and read about it. That really is terrible, the fires that is, not your blog being the impetus for me reading about it. Those affected by it certainly can't avoid it like I can reading about it. I've been enjoying your blog and the many others its pointed me to. Because basically your blog has been my jumping off point. So much heartache that at times I've probably made an arse out of myself being a bit "too silly". I half expect John Cleese's police seargent character to appear out of nowhere and hit me with a rubber chicken. I'm still trying to find the appropriate balance. So anyway, God bless Austrailia and God bless you Susan for bringing it to our attention, and not just to gape but to pray. Which is all we can do for now.
- Peter

Anonymous said...

Susan and Holly - thank you. I am one of your readers from Australi

Its lovely to know there are others out there, on the other side of the world who are aware of our current heartbreak with the fires.

There are now over 183 people confirmed dead - worse I think, than the number of people that died from the Bali bombings.

Horrible part of it is that at least some of the fires are believed to have been deliberately lit.

If you or any of your readers would like to help (and can afford to), please donate to the Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal.

Otherwise, sending your prayers is also most welcome. :)

susan said...

@Pyrs, it's good to avoid the news, I went through a period too where all I would do is check my horoscope, read the funnies and check the traffic.

I just felt horrible watching this death toll go up, it's summer there and it just is so sad watching the reports and the headlines.

@Svasti- I was worried about you. I am glad you are safe. I know you live in Australia, I just wasn't sure where and Geography and Algebra were my worst classes.

Take care adn let us know how you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate

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