Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am A Cover Girl

For those who want to know what I look like with the 56 lbs I lost- I can show you now. I am on the cover of this month's Sports Illustrated!


Ana said...

Dear Lord!
You're skinny. Men don't like it.
I don't like thin men.

Wendy said...

OMG - and you changed your name to prevent the masses of men from finding you???? (I suggest that you pull that bikini back up for what it's worth...)

Pyrs said...

@Ana - The Brazillians have better body images and an enjoy curves.
@Susan - You're out of my league. And really the sun is not good for your skin. You should be wearing sun block. There is nothing wrong with white skin if thats what you were born with.

susan said...

@Pyrs, they airbrushed the hat out!

@Wendy bikini back up where mom would find it OK to wear- or Dad..... ;-)

Gianna said...

I'm sorry I saw this yesterday and find it utterly I alone in this?


Gianna said...

someone though I might have been offended by susan which is not the case: to clarify:

I'm not offended...why would I be offended?

I just think it's too bad that society in general finds shit like this attractive...

I'm not saying the woman is not the selling of her is disgusting.

Pyrs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
susan said...


All I want is my next boyfriend better look into my eyes and not the other assets1

Pyrs said...

Well the model is obviously athletic so its obvious why she's in sports illustrated... NOT! And I'm sure that she can always feel confident that guys truly value her heart, soul and mind... NOT! And she is certainly doing her part in helping teen girls be happy with their bodies, thus making body enhancement a thing of the past... NOT! And I'm sure they didn't manipulate, airbrush, or touch-up the photo in any way whatsoever... NOT! And I'm sure people in her profession and level of success do not have personal trainers and dieticians... NOT!

Sometimes I think that one of my primary roles as a father to my little girl (now 11... yikes!) is to notice and value her talents and intelligence and treat her with the love and respect that I want her to come to expect in the future from any guy deserving of her attentions. (Then I won't have to buy that shotgun I was planning on getting at Walmart for when she starts dating.)

So Susan, its ok to put pictures of yourself on your blog like that now and then, but cover up a little ok? Some of us normal people will begin to feel like you are just too good for us, y'know. And then all your bloggers will just love you for your body. And you'll wish you had us back.

[wink, wink]

(I pressed post before I was finished this, and had to delete my original...)

Anthony said...

Cool. That reminds me of the time me and Angelina were on the cover of Vanity Fair.

susan said...


that was you?

Stephany said...

Oh boy, I hope renaissance bodies are still in vogue!

Pyrs said...

Well, lets just say, Rubens and Renoir wouldn't have given her the time of day.

Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

RE: Selling is bad
We are all selling something or we would all be catatonic.

Mark Krusen said...

I must have been the only one to see your label for this post "just for fun". It was funny. In less of course that is really you. Then I would just say. Nice picture.

Pyrs said...

I just wish I knew where Stan weighed in on this!

@Susan - this was a pretty good discussion starter. But I bet it doesn't get as many comments as Holly's birthday. However if its gets even this much response, maybe I'll put a picture of me in a two piece on my blog today. I better run down to the salon so I can get a tan by lunch.

susan said...

@Mark, selling isn't bad. it's been going on since forever. It just depends what is being sold and how it is being sold.
@Pete- while you are getting the tan, you need to get a Brazilian wax.

@Mark thank you. I have to stop by your blog!

Pyrs said...

@Mark K. - Yes. And fun is good.

Stan said...

Dear Susan:

I believe there are still laws against false and misleading advertizing in New Jersey also {laughing}.

So if the issue has now gone down the road of selling; isn't this then an issue of personal choose. I don’t believe anyone is forced to buy or read "Sports Illustrated' or this swim suit issue in particular. Though I’m not so sure it's about selling swim suits, as it is about selling magazines. In this case "Sports Illustrated" has hit the Gold mine.

Now on the other hand if she is selling something more intimate, I would only like to know the answers to these simple questions; how much? And does there entail any emotional attachment issues? I would find the second part of my question much too high a price to pay {Smirk}.

It kind of like getting to drive a brand new really expensive sports car; it's both thrilling and enticing. But in every day life you could never afford the insurance or go to the grocery store, and always to be worried someone would either scratch or steal your baby. Not to even mention every State Trooper in a hundred mile radius would be on the lookout for you.

So I will take a pass this time around, maybe next year I would take the "Sports Car" out for a spin around the block {laughing}.

Yours Truly,

Ana said...

Yes. Brazilians are known to have more curves.
However the appeal to be skinny is making women starve.
I only fear for teenagers.
I'm not the Brazilian curves type.
I'm thin and since I live here a hardly go to the beach.

I agree you should be wearing sun block.
I'm brunette and use it.

Stephany said...

zoom zoom

susan said...


Candy Apple Red Zoom Zoom??


Can I have a ride?

Andy A said...

This isn't just being sold, it's being bought. Not enough people find it disgusting, and not enough consumers care about the negative effects caused by promoting images such as this.

And apparently, the models don't care, else they wouldn't agree to be sold and bought.

So basically, lots of people care, lots of people don't care. But demand creates the supply, or the willingness to pay creates the supply,and the selling continues.

Corporations and businesses exploit it, and trained advertising professional -- experts at manipulating people -- know what sells and how to sell it.

Here again is the perfect examples of how the power is in the people's hands, the consumer's hands.

And therefore the word I would use is sad more than disgusting.

The free market is a good thing -- consumers have the option of saying no, but in many cases we're not exercising that right.

Andy A said...

And because I'm a solution-oriented person, I'll add another opinion.

Because demand creates supply, if more women would take the option of sleeping with me, for instance, I would be one consumer who would refuse to purchase such trash.

But women merely posing for me in the nude would also be sufficient to help get rid of all the morally reprehensible marketing tactics employed by the media.

Because of my BPD, and comments, I have trouble with forming long-term relationships, but I can imagine if I had one woman all the time, to do whatever it is I wanted, I would never be tempted or coerced by my huMan passions to buy such garbage manufactured by these immoral corporations.

And because I am one consumer who cares about the negative effects, especially on teenage girls, of promoting beauty as being 36-24,36, I would not be selective in what shape of woman poses for me or sleeps with me, as long as she brings her own pillow and does the laundry afterward.

Mark Krusen said...

How did we get all the way down to sleeping with her. Doesn't anyone like to window shop anymore?

susan said...

@Mark, I like looking. The day I stop looking I will be 6 feet under. Looking makes you human. Even my cat looks at other Toms.....

As for the rest, I am just fascinated by the discussion and enjoying the ride.

Wait til you guys see what I am posting tomorrow for VD day!


Pyrs said...

@Andy - Well, I guess now they'll be lining up at your door. Should give you lots to blog about!
(Got any pictures of her?... wink. wink. nudge. nudge. say no more. say no more... Want some?)

Andy A said...

Pyrs, I doubt that my opinions or writing will have much effect on the world, as usual. I'll keep you in mind if I have any left-overs though. Remember though, to treat anyone I send to you with respect and decency.

Southernbelle said...

Ah! So you really ARE a blonde lol!

Are you feeling even a little better, I hope?? I have been so worried about you--all your friends at MG are praying for you and sending you lots and lots of love (and Holly-Cat too of course)!

And BTW--please tell Holly I am riddled with guilt for missing her birthday, that I send her heartfelt if belated "Happy Birthday" wishes, and it looks like she had a blast! LOVE the cake!! Do give Holly lots of hugs and kisses for me, okay? Tell her that her Auntie Patti loves her very much!!

And I love Holly's mom very much, too!! :-)

Huge hugs,

Mala50 said...

Susan, I'm shocked.


xxMary in Africa

Ana said...

You've got all this attention from men just with the cover.
I just want to see what they will do when the next Playboy is launched!
Please don't you ever forget your blog.
With all the money you received I believe you will forget us all.
This is so sad!

susan said...

No, I am going to take the money, give it to charities- (mental health related, and animal related), and get my passport renewed and go down to Rio and find a topless beach and tan. Wanna go with me?

Ana said...

I'll be waiting for you at the airport!
But you will not find a beach where you can be topless without being embarrassed.
People will try not to look and pretend everything is normal.
But... it's just make believe.

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