Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Holly's Birthday!

February 8, is Holly's 9th birthday!

All are invited to come. Humans will be served cooked salmon, and steamed veggies, all kitties will be served dry Hills and wet Fancy Feast Tuna.

The birthday girl requests cans of Fancy Feast Tuna for presents, or donations to the local animal shelter. RSVP.

Below are pictures from a prior party, you can see the cake she had, minus the candles, and the birthday girl herself. Enjoy.
(Click on pictures to see Holly in all her glory)


Gianna said...

Well, if Kal.i and Jez.ebel come I can't guarantee no cat fights...

but they'd certainly love the tuna!

susan said...

Gianna, I suspect there will be cat fights, but i have lots of catnip mousies and sparkly things for them to play with so hopefully there will be no cat fights, and a very big bed with a feather duvet for them to nap on.....

And I have a video of birdies and squirrels in case it snows....

D Bunker said...

OK, That did it. You just broke my heart. You go to That much effort for Holley, and your human friends, and, ..... There's something I'm not quite understanding here.

Isn't that the way the world is Supposed to be?

susan said...

@D Bunker, what would the world be like if you cannot spoil your cats and dogs or other animals rotten?

They do so much for me, it's the least I can do for her, though she will be mighty upset tomorrow when I run the vacuum cleaner.

Pyrs said...

What I want to know is will Holly give in to wearing one of those point hats?
One of my cats is purring beside me as I speak. And unfortunately let him see the pictures and now he wants his own birthday party. I had to tell him he is adopted. And that I found him at a rest stop and have no idea when he was born. ... He stopped purring. He thinks Holly is one lucky cat.

Gianna said...

I sorta gave my cats Birthdays...but I must admit, I don't celebrate them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Cleo and I wish Holly a very happy cat-birthday!! :)

We're sweltering here - today's been the hottest day on record in Melbourne since they started measuring the weather 150 years ago. Pretty amazing, huh?

So we're both just hunkering down, waiting for more of the cool change to kick in!

susan said...

@Pyrs, the day you adopted kitty (is it the Orange one or the White one), is her birthday.

Holly does have a red felt birthday hat with straps on it. She does not like it, but I will try to get her let me try to get a picture of her like that and post it for your cats to see.

@Gianna, you don't celebrate cat birthdays? Then you celebrate the dogs!

@Svasti, I saw how hot it is now in Oz. I feel for you.
I am sending you some ice cold snow...
Hello to Miss Cleo! Did she see the story about the baby koala? Too cute.

Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

Looks like a good time! I wish I was there. Have a bite of cake for me. :-)

Anthony said...

Are those spaghetti whiskers?

My cat was born in February too, but I don't know which day. Let's say it was today!

His big treat will be to lick the inside of my yogurt container.

Kitty loves yogurt.

Stephany said...

Koda says pass the salmon!

Happy Birthday to Holly!

Stephany said...

Holly I have a new slideshow of photos for you to look at!



susan said...

@Mark, I will do more than eat a bite of cake for you- I will save you a piece!

@Anthony, yes they are spaghetti whiskers. They were removed before cake was consumed.

Happy birthday to your beautiful Kitty. Spoil him rotten today!

@Stephany, Koda eats salmon? I didn't know dogs ate fish.. The pictures are beautiful.

Gianna said...

dogs will scarf fish so fast a cat won't even know it was there.

and no...I do no celebrating of any of my animals birthdays...

I do celebrate there lives in my heart every day though, as I'm sure you do too.

Stephany said...

Koda becomes a begging terror if there is salmon around!

Pyrs said...

I can not wait to see Holly with her felt hat on. I love pictures of cats in hats. They seldom look very happy though.
And darn, I wanted to find out the time of the birthday party, or at least when you were going to sing to her, because I really wanted to join in on my own here. I can do a pretty good harmony.
And yes, I will have to hunt down my pictures or journal and find out a close proximity of when I found Michael. I named him after an angel, because I was at a VERY low spot in my life when I found him scrawny and emaciated with worms, ticks, and fleas galore! -Pete

Pyrs said...

P.S. I WAS at a low point, but it was the cat that had the worms, ticks and fleas. I just wanted to clarify that.

Wendy said...

Baby Lizzy says Happy Birthday to Holly - but her mom is not adept to webbing the pictures so she had to send them by email!

Marian said...

Moonie, who actually was born in the U.S. and carried off to Denmark, wishes Holly a Very Happy Birthday. And so do I and the horses.

Sherry said...

Ohmigod, this is hysterical. Feb. 8 is Mr. Duck's birthday, too. I guess all the quality folk were born on Feb. 8, eh Holly?

Meow Me-ow, Holly. (That's Cat for "Happy Birthday" for the uninitiated.)

Gianna said...

I was born on the 9th. No quality here.

Stephany said...

Gianna, do you mean your b day is coming up?

Gianna said...

yeah, unfortunately so.

Stephany said...

Happy Birthday then Gianna!

I just realized w all this pet b day talk that my 2 lovebirds are 12 yrs old this month! imagine living in a cage that long with each other LOL

Gianna said...

is it really that different than sharing a home with a partner??

well...I'm homebound right now, so it feels like a cage sometimes...

Ana said...

What a party here!
Happy Birthday to Holly!

Happy Birthday tomorrow.
I was born around this day but I never tell anybody the date because I gave up celebrating a long time ago.

I'll visit you tomorrow!

kimmyk said...

awwww happy birthday holly!!!

enjoy your (fancy) feast party!

Marissa said...

How cute! We <3 Holly.

Sherry said...

Stephany said:
"I just realized w all this pet b day talk that my 2 lovebirds are 12 yrs old this month! imagine living in a cage that long with each other."

We're coming up to our 30th anniversary this month. Does that count? {;>)
PS: "Stephany Said" is an old Velvet Underground song...

Stephany said...

wow Sherry that's wonderful; and I'm going to have to look up that song!

Stan said...

Dear Susan:

Most humans don't get a nice party like that dang it! So either your completely an over the top loon bird, or your cat is spoiled beyond even my twisted imagination.

Happy Birthday Cat!

Even though Dogs are smarter and more loyal {Laughing}.


Mary LA said...

Wish I could have been there!

Hugs to you


susan said...

@Gianna, I didn't know dogs ate fish, I always thought of them more as meat eaters. I do keep their memories in my heart.

@Stephany, I didn;t know Koda ate Salmon! Is that why he has such a beautiful coat?

@Pyrs, I love the fact you named your Michael cat after an angel. I wrote at Christmas- Holly rescued from a date with a needle right before Christmas, and her rescuer gave her a Christmasy name. I am in Middlesex County- I don't know how far that is from you and your cats.

-I know you don't have worms!

@Wendy, please thank Baby Lizzie and we were glad she visited us in spirit.

@Marian, I love the name Moonie. I bet it's an interesting story how she came from the States to Denmark. Love to the horses. I had apples an sugar cubes for them. And Hay.

@Sherry, thank you. I sent Mr. Duck a cyber birthday greeting.

@Stephany, love birds are beautiful. They mate for life, don't they? I think it's romantic.

@Gianna Happy birthday! Again, sent you a Happy Birthday email . ...

@Ana. Thank you. if Nell knows your birthday, she can tell Holly and Holly will send a cyber card.

@Kimmyk- Thank you!

@Marissa-thank you! Perfect weather around her too, for it, no?

"Stephany Said" = Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. You can hear it on You Tube. It's my favorite song by the Velvets, that I can blog about anyway. (For some reason I also like Nico).

@Thanks Stan. She is spoiled rotten, as was her predessor. I would have a dog, but I've never lived in an apartment that allowed them. I have to get my dog fix vicariously through your wonderful doggie.

@Mary, Thank you. You provide my daily puppy fix.
I wish you and the puppies could have been here too. We still have snow- I bet they would love to put their paws in it.

Pyrs said...

@Susan - My boys, Michael and Shen, are bonkers over the "Holly's Zen Moment" photo on your blog's homepage. I told them it wasn't nice to stare. But every time I turn my back there they are, little paw on the computer mousey, going back to your blog. (Fortunately they haven't figured out how to use the printer yet.) Its sad seeing them drool like that. I gave them a bit of a talking to and told them that Holly was more than just another svelt feline body.
P.S. For the unitiated, Michael and Shen are my cats.

susan said...


Holly is single. Michael and Shen are very handsome boys. Are you playing Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match?

I like that Zen moment picture too. You can really see her tummy and her pantaloons.

I can put up a new picture soon for ypur boys.

Stephany said...

It snowed here last night, so koda had some new snow to play in, we took a walk in the morning.

sammy forgot to wish holly happy birthday, from one striped (10 yrs old in May)kittie to another!

Pyrs said...

Susan, I've never seen this many posts on a blog. I realize that is because I am new at this, but Holly must be feeling pretty special by now. I wish I would have made it to the party. Salmon is one of my favorite foods in all the world. It really is. Hang in there.

susan said...

Hi Pyrs,

I have never seen so many comments either.

Holly was very sick a few months ago, and I got a lot of people and cats from the cat blogosphere come by...but I think it's because people like animals, or we are just a bunch of silly people.
Or the cats took over the keyboard.

There are quite a few threads on Furious Seasons that have this many if not more comments. I know I've seen the number 60 on some of them.

The problem is, even though a lot of us on my blogroll are unabashed cat lovers, (and dog loves, please check out "Serendipity Dog" by Koda, who lives with Stephany- if you put up cute cat fixes often, you aren't seen as a serious blog.

As for cute fixes, the Queen of cute fixes is Liz Spikol.....

Stephany said...

It's like we're at the party just chatting away!

Pets are therapeutic that's for sure, good diversion too.

susan said...

Stephany, I will brew another pot of coffee so we can continue to talk.

David Rochester said...

OK, that cake is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

susan said...


We saved a piece of it for your beauties!
Maybe you can make same cake for your girls?

HotMBC said...

Oh Holly, we's sorry we missed your purrthday party! Dang our Mommy for bein sik and not helpin us visit! We brought you some nip and some treats. We hope yoo hadd a really really grate 9th purrthday :)
Alla Us Hotties

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