Monday, January 12, 2009

Very Very Sick

Well I got my annual Winter Cold.

I am miserable. Got 102 degree temp, sore throat, cannot swallow. My nose is running and congested at the same time and I lost my voice.

Will be back tomorrow.

take care everyone.

Meanwhile- everyone drop off by Liz's blog and congratulate her on winning a Golden Globe yesterday.

Oh wait- you mean Liz and Tina Fey are two different people?


Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

Get well soon!

susan said...

Thank you Mark.

Being sick sucks.

Ana said...
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Ana said...

Get well soon! [2]

I know it sucks. Fever is terrible and is a certain way it makes reality strange.
At least it's Laing's idea.
Please, for those who will read Laing's name:
forget the man is called antipsychiatrist.
He tried hard to understand his patients.

Sherry said...

Ana, I love R.D. Laing.
Susan, Do get checked out for strep, eh? I wish you chicken soup, lots of rest and a quick bounce back.

melzoom said...

Do you need my recipe for Super Soup? I hope you feel better soon. Snuggle up with the kitty, warm blanket, green tea, good (mindless) book.

susan said...

Thank you Ana, Sherry, and Mel.

Going back to bed,just woke up and checked my email and blog.....

Kitty isn't sleeping with me. She found a patch of sunshine on the kitchen table and is lying on it on her back, four paws in air, tummy to the window for maximum sunnage.

kimmyk said...

sorry to hear you're sick.
i hope you feel better....

Anthony said...

If you were an Eagles fan you'd be feeling better.

Get that fever down. I've been hovering between sick and well for a week. It's no fun.

susan said...

Thank you Kimmy!

Anthony, my folks are Giants fans, but I will be rooting for the Eagles at this point.

Cannot get the fever down. It's stayed 102 all day today.......

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