Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, between Gianna Kali and Therese Bouchard, I have joined Facebook this evening. I am still learning but if you want to be my friend PM me at


Anonymous said...

Your other posts about your meds seems to have disappeared.

But I wanted to send a lil message of support. Hope you make it through this tough time. *hugs*

Ana said...

Nice picture!
I don't use to go to Facebook. Orkut is Brazilian's most famous social network.

Marissa Miller said...

I love it!! (Of course, I love icanhascheezburger so I think this is awesome.)

You post the most apropos lolcat pics. :)

Feeling any better?

susan said...

@Svasti, I wrote a piece on my meds and took it down about half hour later. I saved it in word and I need to re work it a bit but will post it again this weekend.

@Ana. I am turning you into a cat lady, no?

@Marissa, I love cheezeburger....Am I turning you into a cat lady or are you a dog lady and should I start posting from icanhavehotdog for you and Ana?

Marissa Miller said...

I love both (I'd like a puppy) but there's something about those lolcats... Btw, you've inspired me to start Fail Fridays from :)

Immi said...

PM on the way :)

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