Friday, January 2, 2009

A blogging respite for a day or two

My cat is not white, but you get the idea. She has turned into a demanding little fur ball and will not let me access my computer. I just put her in the bathroom for a few minutes to put this up......she wants lots of play, cuddles, and Pounces. Such is a cat's life. I am happy to do it for a purr in return, or a snuggle when I am on the couch reading.

Like Charles Dickens cat Williamina, who would blow out the candle on Dickens desk as he wrote, so he would put his quill down and play with her- I think this is the way my cat is telling me to take a day or two off the computer and just enjoy life with her.

So I will.

In the meantime, I want to pass on two wonderful stories to my readers. The first story is about the Polar Bear Club in NYC. No, not those beautiful white critters like Knut. These are the men and women who go into the frigid waters off Coney Island every New Years Eve. I did it once and it was fabulous. I hope to do it again.

The other one comes from Anthony, the blogger of "My Sick Mind". It is from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and in the spirit of the paper who gave you "Marley and Me" in serial form, it is about a cat and her owner. It's good. It reminds us, like Marley, to treasure time with our animals we share our life with, because we will most likely out live them.


Ana said...

She is really asking your attention.
Smart girl!

susan said...

She IS a smart girl! I hope some day you can meet her Ana!

svasti said...

My cat does this too! She jumps up right between me and the keyboard. And when I drag myself away to spend some time with her, the purring is incredibly loud. Like, she's giving me positive affirmations that yes, this is a very good thing!!

susan said...

YOur cat sounds wonderful. Do you have a photo of her up on your blog?

I added you to my blog roll. I meant to do that last week. Take care, Happy New Year!

Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

A cat story "Night of the Hunter" at
I liked it.

susan said...

Mark I loved the story. Thank you for sharing it.

melzoom said...

Have you ever read "The Cat and the Curmudgeon"? I think you'd love it. Grumpy man, befriended by a cat. Just your kind of story.

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