Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From one of my most favorite authors.

I dressed and went for a walk--determined not to return until I took in what nature had to offer.

-Raymond Carver


Ana said...

I should take it as an advice.

susan said...

thanks Ana.

Raymond Carver is one of my most favorite writers.

Sherry said...

I just saw an awesome Carver poem recently. And I hate poetry.

Why did I think he wrote potboiler noir dime-ish novels? Do I have him confused with someone else???

Ruby Tuesday said...

I took Carver's advice today and it was lovely x

susan said...

@Sherry, are you confusing Ray Carver with Raymond Chandler?

My two most favorite poems by him are "Car" and "Gravy". I plan on having the latter read at my funeral.

@Ruby Tuesday- I am so glad. I love walking.

kimmyk said...

i would totally partake in such a thing if it wasn't so damn cold outside.

in the spring...when it thaws..i am so there.

Sherry said...

Yesss! Boy, is my face red. Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler. I have a feeling there's a huge difference between the two.

I was taking a course that was just godawful recently. It offered up tons of boring essays and bad poetry. Amongst all the boring dreck was this one poem by Carver that stood out like a beacon in the darkness. I loved it. Don't remember what it's called.

So, I'm reading it and thinking "Wow, this guy is so talented! Imagine being able to write all those dime mystery novels and this poem, too."

Yours in total, floundering ignorance,

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