Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Cowbell

Seriously, if you were walking through hell, and had to keep going, wouldn't you want a little more cowbell to help you on your way?

I can't get these darn You Tube videos to load for some reason, but. here they are.

More Cowbell-Blue Oyster Cult- original Saturday Night Live version starring Will Farrell.

Burning For You- Original VH1 video back when VH1 played videos and not reality dating shows with Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels.

And lastly, Joan Crawford 1981 VH1 version- and I am freaking out. I cannot believe most of the girls in my lame High School wore saddle shoes back in 1980, me included!

I got some serious rockin' to do, and cowbells to hit.


Monica Cassani said...

loved the cowbell song...awesome...also the only Blue Oyster Cult song I really loved..was "Don't Fear the Reaper" and oh my god...that so totally ages us!!!

Mark p.s.2 said...

There used to be an AUDIO website with that SNL skit with Walkin saying we need more cowbell for a famous song. Don't fear the reaper? wasit. I had it bookmarked.lost it.

Mark p.s.2 said...

by the way, if you are going through hell, and you keep on going, some think you might find a way out.

Ana said...

Can't see the videos as you know.
Hope you're fine.
I believe Churchill will help you find find your way out.

susan said...

@Gianna, with you on for aging too- the other 2 videos had the girls with the real big 80s hair- I cannot believe girls wore their hair like that!

@Mark, I forgot it was Christopher Walken also in the Cowbell skit. As for walking through hell, I would say of course there is a way out. Just keep walking and hit the cowbell.

@Ana, I wish I had money to send to you so you can buy a computer and go to You Tube.

Immi said...

Just keep a'going. With cowbell of course.
Gree says thanks to Holly, btw. And she's getting as much laptime as my knee can stand. Not nearly enough, but I'm working on getting that fixed.

kw said...


This worries me deeply. I have shown these videos to Cricket, as she waited for the bath to fill. (No, we have no shower, but bathe less than most).

Okay, Cricket had the cowbell one stuck in her head, which I never heard. I love Walken, so enjoyed the clip.

Then I glommed on the Burning song, which is now stuck in my head! I hated BOC when I first heard them, a view that hasn't changed. I have an inner radio, which likes to play songs I hate, along with samples of their choruses if I only know those words.

Currently, Radio MacNamarrah is playing a marathon of the chorus for Burning in my head.

Susan, my love, this may be a deal breaker! Hate to tell you, but we have different tastes in music.

Pax. I'll not listen to yours if you don't listen to mine. 'Kay?

I'll give you a jingle over the week-end. I'm 43 tomorrow. Yippy.

Anonymous said...

are cowbells what I think they are or do they have another meaning apart from the bell that hangs from a cows neck?
(is it wrong to say that I find Christopher Walken quite attractive...what is wrong with me!!)

Also just read your Haldol experience. It's beyond me why anyone would prescribe this to someone knowing the severe side effects.

susan said...

Hi Vivianne,

Cowbells are the thing that hang from a cows neck, with a little bell inside so when they move their heads it tinkles.

As for Christopher Walken- well, this is why there is a lid for every pot. What I find attractive, may not be what anyone else finds attractive.

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