Friday, January 16, 2009

On Bronchitis and women's private parts

Lately I feel like this cat. Getting it in the face by life. And this cold from hell which has morphed into bronchitis, 102 degree temp and sore throat. Today I mailed a package to a friend, went to the Stop and Shop started buying dinner, cat litter- TP- and I fainted. Right in front of the tissues and TP. Oh the ignominy!

Home, very shakey, fluey, miserable, I was told to stay in bed and just sleep. So I will be off this thing.

In the mean time, check out Bob Fiddaman's site= he has a piece up on Glaxo Smith Kline (where's French?) ad for Lactacyd Femina. It appears to be KY Gel in the United States.

The ad is weird, weird, weird, but worth looking at. The Brits have one of the best words in the universe that you hardly ever hear across the pond- "Gobsmacked". That is how I feel about this. Like I said, take a peek.

And if you like me, I am now on Facebook. If you know my name, you can find me easy, and if you don't email me at

I am now off for the day, to try to feel better. Take care everyone.


NurseExec said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Stephany said...

Feel better soon! Fainting! OMG! Bob is a steamroller with pharma articles!

Merelyme said...

hey susan! you poor thing. i am so sorry you are so sick.

wanted to tell you two things for when you are feeling better. one is that you can come see your quote on my health care records piece and...also stop by to get your blog award!

Marissa Miller said...

Heh heh. Love the cat.

I'm glad that you didn't pass out for long. I'm assuming someone helped you...

If you have a fever, you can't just have a cold! It must be a nasty flu or something.

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