Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Phoenix! =oh Icarus!

My friend Larry posted an interesting piece this past September. Larry wrote,
"Bloggers helping bloggers helping bloggers ... hey, it's one way to keep our sanity and stay alive, folks."

Today has been a bad day for me - for personal reasons i will go into later, but I have been crying buckets and feel..... as Larry said in a letter- "Numb". I didn't think I was numb, I feel empty and hollow, more lonely than I have been in years. Not alive, not dead .Larry nailed it. Numb. Unable to write, unable to feel. Still getting over bronchitis.

Then I saw this on one of my favorite bloggers site, My Medicated Cartoon Life. It cheered me. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the classics animated cartoons, like Bugs Bunny. So much so that I wanted to be like Mel Blanc, and even took voice lessons in LA, so i could do cartoon work. Unfortunately, even with an agent who was on "The Simpsons", the best I could do was an offer for adult cartoons, and a one shot ad for Ralph's Supermarkets.

If you ever heard my voice you would know it is suitable for adult cartoons. Stress the adult.

Bitter Animator had this picture up today, and it's amazing. it touched me and my soul right at a low point. He calls it Icarus, but unlike Icarus, he's not burning when he gets near the sun. He reminds me of a Phoenix. And that is all about today, closing doors, and rising from ashes of dead relationships.
What do you think.?

Thank you Mr. Animator.


HotMBC and Robyn said...

Susan, please tell Holly that I became a red hat lady for a tea party last year. hehehe
Mini the Cat

Ana said...

I wish I was there to do something but I'm also feeling strange lately.
I would not be of great help.
It's good to have our friends around.

kimmyk said...

sorry to hear you're not feeling yourself.
i hate that feeling when i feel out of sorts...

i hope you get to feelin like your normal self again (whatever normal is...) and your bronchitis stays at bay the rest of this cold and flu season.

take a hot bath and get some rest...big warm hugs.

Immi said...


susan said...

@Hot MBC-Mommy won't let me be a red hat lady.....but you looked beautiful in the hat Mini.

@ana, I agree about friends. ((((ANA)))))))

@Kimmyk- thank you. I hate being sick but.. .oh well, it's all par for the course.

@Immi- Hugs back and cat purrs.....

Marissa Miller said...

The numb thing. I felt like that on Lexapro. That stuff kept me from being suicidal but it killed any emotions I had as well.

Like I told you earlier, I'm sorry that you're going through such a rough time. Maybe if I'm brave enough to venture out one day, we could get together...

Mala50 said...

Thinking of you my sweet Susan


Larry said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Susan, but all I care about is that you are doing better.

Stephany said...

There's a new pic of Koda on Seredipity dog! he will cheer you up! feel better!

Katharine said...

I didn't come across Bitter Animator until recently, but that blog is brilliant. Instant favorite!

susan said...

@Marissa- thank you sweetie. Maybe when Spring comes I could take the train down to Philly.

@Mala- I love you. Thank you.

@Larry, cold is almost gone, and feeling much much better. You picked the right time of year to move out of NY to sunny Miami.....

@Stephany- will visit. I love that blue eyed doggie. How are you sweetie?

@Katherine- thanks. I love Bitter Animator. That Astro Andy of his cracks me up.

melzoom said...

have you ever read the MOWS comic? If you haven't, I think you will enjoy it immensely.

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