Sunday, January 11, 2009

Opinions, please

So- should the next piece posted here be about-

1. Meds
2. BP Illness
3. Depression
4, Cats and dogs



it's coming


Let me know, and it will be written after the Eagles/Giants game. Or won't be. Depending who wins, Or looses.

I guess another question is - is it Go Giants, or Fly Eagles Fly?


NurseExec said...

Ha! I think you should write about sex. My illness effects sex all over the place, and I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

susan said...

Nurse Exec,

I am leaning towards sex too. It's frigid cold outside and not much else to think about.....

Anthony said...

It's always Fly, Eagles Fly.
And there are few things in life as interesting as sex.

Ana said...


susan said...

@Anthony, I know the Eagles are more interesting than sex.....but it's been so long since I have seen an Eagles or Giants or Jets a stadium.....

@Ana, I guess you are on the right track......

Andy A said...

SuSan, you may already know what my answer will be:

Your next post should be about anything you want it to be, because it's your blog, you're the writer, and it'll come from your heart.

But alternatively, I think it's just peachy-keen-swell that you are such a staunch supporter of Democracy.

kimmyk said...

what's on your mind?

i say that's what you write about...or write about everything and make it one big ole post.

Andy A said...

Maybe I'm getting excited (or anxious) again for no reason, but here is an admission that came from a mainstream news publication:

From TIME magazine: The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder By John Cloud / Seattle Thursday, Jan. 08, 2009

BPD treatment has improved dramatically in the past few years. Until recently, a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder was seen as a "death sentence," as Dr. Kenneth Silk of the University of Michigan wrote in the April 2008 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry. Clinicians often avoided naming the illness and instead told patients they had a less stigmatizing disorder.
Borderline patients are often overmedicated--partly because therapists see them as difficult--but for Lily, as for most borderlines, the meds did little. "Drug treatment for BPD is much less impressive than most people think," Paris writes in Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Clueless said...


Marissa Miller said...

Sooo... who were you rooting for? ;)

Immi said...

The Hotties all vote for cats. I vote for whatever is on your mind, tho sex is fun.

susan said...

Clueless, Immi and Marissa-

It's between cats and sex. Since I am not a cat- I don't know about cat sex, but I have been told many many times it hurts the female because the male penis has barbs on it and when Tom withdraws he hurts the female.

So, it's going to be on sex- but since it's a bipolar blog- hypersexuality- because it's like a girl cat in heat!

Will write soon, still running 102 and want to go back to sleep, but- someone tell me why is it when you have the flu you get horny- or is it a manic episode coming on?

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