Thursday, January 8, 2009

Truly Amazing

I have had more hits in the last three days then I have in the history of this blog since I started it in October 07.

There can be only one reason- I have had three shout outs from three wonderful bloggers this week, Philip Dawdy, Liz Spikol, and Therese Bouchard. 

Since I only know one of them in real life-  I want them to know, even though I cannot buy them a beer in real life- these buds are for them. Pretend they are ice cold brewskis. Sit back and enjoy. And thank you. 


Dano MacNamarrah said...


Good for you! You so richly deserve this. I hope that your new visitors will become fast friends with you.

I just found my earplugs, so that I can play your videos you posted before. My computer no longer cares to share sound!

Let's play phone tag. It's 9pm now, which may be a bit late for you. I'm off tomorrow, so I hope we can catch up.

Congratulations, my sweet!

melzoom said...

Susan-- glad to hear so many people have found you. and I feel very grateful to have found you, too. Your writing (and Therese's) speaks to a part of me that was so very rarely spoken to. Through your honesty and advocacy, I am learning to be courageous myself.

susan said...

@Dano- thank you. I know my blog is growing and what I think is a great deal of visitors is nothing compared to someone elses.....

@Mel. thank you. You are a sweetie, and now I know why Larry and Ana like you!

Stephany said...


Ana said...

Hi Susan,
I'm glad you have new readers.
They will learn to like you just the way we do.

susan said...

Thank you Ana!

(Hi Stephany! Hello to my favorite doggie in the world, Mr. Koda!)

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