Thursday, January 15, 2009

Midnight Musings- Flu and Eli Lilly

I went to sleep about 7 PM feeling miserable, woke up at 10:30, and shaking. Yep, temperature is back up to 102 and my winter flu is back with a vengeance.

I went on the couch, turned on the TV and the first thing I saw was this..."Real World Brooklyn". So.... My mom's generation the big question was- Does A Tree Grow In Brooklyn? Is mine going to be- Did Real World really have to go to Brooklyn? I don't know, but maybe this is a sign the Dodgers will come back to Brooklyn? I don't know. I am still mourning the loss of Coney Island. I am like Ferlingetti- I have a Coney Island of the Mind.

Meanwhile I would like to point out that Eli Lilly is on the verge of settling Zyprexa claims for a whopping 1.4 billion. This is being reported by Seattle journalist Philip Dawdy on his website Furious Seasons. For those not familiar with Dawdy, his site played a significant award role in the Zyprexa scandal, and documents on this can be found here.

I believe Philip and I both belong to the same Journalist society- I am writing them tomorrow to tell them about his tireless reporting on this issue.

Now that Zyprexa might have closure, I want to go after Haldol..... this drug is personal vendetta for me.

That's all I got for now. I want to go back to sleep and get rid of this cold. And wish I had my mom's chicken soup.


Anonymous said...

still fluey - it's going round at the moment isn't it! I've had the sniffels for days now and nothings happening.
Lots and lots and lots of water and there's a german home remedy my mom used to do for me, it's called "Wadenwickel". you basically put 2 tea towels in cold water, wring them out and wrap them around your calves. put a plastic bag round that so it doesn't wet the bed. it's cold but it will make the fever lower very quickly i promise x

Kass said...

Oh man. I'm sorry that you feel like crap. Want some soup from WaWa? :)

I wish the Real World would go away. The show ruins everything good now. (Although I'm the girl who thought the last good season was in San Fran: Puck vs. Pedro.)

susan said...

@Vivienne, I will try it. You really know a lot about alternative things!

@Marissa- WAWA! My favorite place. Yes Please.

I have totally forgotten about Puck. yeah, he was the best on that show, wasn't he?

Anthony said...

That and other such drug issues make me continue my personal boycott against prescription medications. It's either lethal side-effects or some profiteering. Either way, the drug companies have us by the short hairs, and I'm not about to let them have any of mine.

Anonymous said...

What Anthony said.

Awwww, Susan. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling punk. I'll share the old Irish remedy: whiskey with hot water, a bit of sugar, some cloves and a slice or two of lemon.

The word whiskey actually comes from the Irish phrase "uisge baugh", pronounced "ISH-kee BAA". The literal translation is "water of life". (For the purists among us, there are variant spellings of uisge, which means "water".)

Whatever you do, I hope you feel better quickly. Good to see Philip's work bearing fruit, isn't it?
Sherry (not looking forward to the 30 below F. predicted for chickens' water buckets were frozen already at 3:30 pm today, poor babies)

susan said...

@Anthony, i had no idea you felt that way about drugs...No wonder why i love reading your blog! Thank you for making me snarf.

@Sherry- you gotta check out Anthony's blog. Nice bits of NJ!

I got 12 and a half years sobriety, alas, i cannot follow your remedy. i hope your chickens don't become popcicles.

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm a sucker for home remedies :)

Ana said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

Where does Anthony keep his blog?

Du-uh! Brain cramp. I knew you were in recovery but that information was in another box in my brain and not accessible in the Home Remedies, Irish box. Silly me.

You can still do the lemon, cloves (or ginger), hot water and honey, though. That feels good, too, and it soothing to a sore throat.

Are you sure you don't have strep?


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