Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nightmare- The Red Cat

I just woke up and want to get it down before I forget.

I was dreaming, vividly, like always. For some unexplained reason I did not have a cat, and my mother, looking like the mother of my youth, stopped by my apartment with a small wicker basket and a white chamois blanket. I opened the blanket, and there was a tiny kitten, collar with a heart shaped tag with my name and address, and the kitten's name. In the kitten's mouth was a binky. I forgot what it's name was. Only the kitten was red. Solid red. My mother picked him up and placed him in my arms. And I noticed, my arms started to bleed, - they were covered in blood and it was dripping in copious amounts down to the floor.

I don't now if the kitten was evil or not, I just know the kitten then was put back in the basket by my mom and nothing happened to her. But I was left bloody, like half of "Carrie" and alone. My mother and the red cat were gone. And lifting up mine eyes, I found myself Alone, and in a land of sand and thorns , ...

I am so alone.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan...

*offers a hug if you like them*

I hope you are feeling better. Nightmares are awful--I don't get them very often but they are doozies when I do have them.


susan said...

Hi Littlewolf,

I am OK, it was just a strange dream. Dreams cannot hurt you.

And I don't have nightmares often, that is why it was so weird.d

Tail wags to you too!

Stephany said...

totally creepy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Glad to hear you're OK.


Anonymous said...

you're not alone if you have your family and friends. I hope you are okay, and your cat too. Be well.

Sherry said...

That's a very powerful dream, very powerful.

One way of looking at the characters in a dream is to think of each of them as part of yourself. What are they saying to you? How did you feel when you encountered each one? When you woke up? What does that object mean to you when your awake (for example, you love cats in your waking life)?

You could do a lot of work with that dream. I think it has a lot to tell you. Thank you for sharing it. It stirred my soul.

John Folk-Williams said...

Hi, Susan -

I'm glad you're OK. It's a good thing you felt the need to write it down immediately. When I do that, it gets clearer, either right then or later, why it felt so important - unless I wake up immediately knowing what it puts into consciousness.

I hope the intense feeling of aloneness doesn't last much longer.

Hugs, love and all support --


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