Friday, June 5, 2009

Next to Normal- The Blogger I missed

I knew Sandy Naiman would be in the audience of the play yesterday. , we just forgot to give each other our cell numbers or what we were wearing. So we missed each other. In hindsight, I did see her, after we talked that night, but-oh well. I feel bad, she came all the way from Toronto and we really wanted to meet. Maybe I should have worn my sweater with the tabby cat on it.

Her review is here. It's worth a read.


Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

I, too, am very sorry we missed each other. Next time I come to New York, it will NOT be for just nine hours. I promise.

Thank you for posting the link to my post. I have just read in the NYTimes that the odds on favourite for Best Musical among the Tony voters is "Billy Elliot" because so many people "love" it, while many others use the word "admire" to describe how they feel about "Next to Normal" – it's too demanding for them.

When you finish yours, I'll link to it on my blog. I found that in the act of writing, so many truths became clear for me. It took hours, but I urge you to sit down and begin. It's a very cathartic experience.

If the Tony voters think "watching" a rock musical about how a family copes when someone in their midst is "living with" a Bipolar Disorder is too demanding, I guess that makes those of us who do rather special. Certainly very strong!

Alice Ripley, however, is odds on favourite to win Best Actress. She deserves to win. As does Brian Yorkey, who is expected to win best book!

Susan, I am so proud of how your managing to wean yourself off your high doses of Lithium and your other meds.

You're my favourite star!


susan said...

Sandy- and the next time the weather will be nicer. All that rain!

I didn't realize the Booth theatre was across the street from the Marriot Marquis. We could have had a soda at the revolving bar 43 stories above Times Square.

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