Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson was on some cocktail when he died.

I am still gutted by Michael Jackson's death. Bit of Trivia- I had a Jackson 5 lunch box when I was little,

So yesterday, when the UK Sun newspaper posted this story- I was hooked, I had to read it. If this is true-he was on some med cocktail when he died.

My mother, being of a different generation than me, (obviously) thinks of Elvis dying on a huge med cocktail. I will always now think of Michael Jackson. I wish this wasn't so.

According to the Sun,
Jackson was on the following when he died.

PRESCRIPTION painkiller containing paracetamol and the opiate hydrocodone.

It usually comes in a tablet form. US rapper Eminem was addicted to the drug.

POWERFUL painkiller derived from morphine.

Used to numb post-surgery pain, chronic back pain and broken bones.

Users can become anxious and suffer severe mood swings.

AN anti-anxiety pill that fights panic attacks and aids sleep, meant for short-term use only.

The drug is also thought to boost the risk of heart problems.

THESE muscle relaxant tablets are known to be highly addictive but they are particularly effective for tackling back pain.

They can cause severe drowsiness in users.

TREATS acid reflux (when stomach acid leaks to the gullet) and ulcers.

Such conditions are common in those with irregular eating patterns and disorders like anorexia.


Treats severe depression, social phobia, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder.

Linked to heightened suicide risk and increased depression.

MORPHINE-based potent painkiller, used to numb pain after ops or birth.

Only medics may administer it.

Drug puts pressure on heart. Users can struggle to breathe.

ANTI-anxiety tablets taken to stave off panic attacks and depression.

They should not be used with any other anti-depressants.

They have been known to cause insomnia in users.

Hat tip to the wonderful Fiddy, anti Paxil crusader extraordinaire


Michael Jackson said...

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Immi said...

Yeesh, that would be a nasty cocktail. I'd be surprised if anyone could hold up for long with it.

Ana said...

Dear Lord!
Cannot believe!

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