Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am in a Commercial for TV

I spent the morning at the Princeton Battlefield Park filming a television commercial for a hotline that I volunteer for. The grass was dewy and made it almost impossible to walk in my flip flops, and i was upstaged by the black squirrels.

It took a lot out of me, we shot almost 40 minutes that will be condensed down to about a minute and half, and shown on TV in September. I don't know if it will be just the Tri State area (NJ, NY, CT) and PA, or nationwide.

I will have my own copy in September, and post it up here then.

I am totally in shadows, under a fake name, which is pretty easy to figure out- and hopefully, not upstaged to badly from the squirrels.

For those interested in American Revolutionary History, below are some photos of the park and videos here.

I am really spent, headachy, and need to decompress, and will be back on line tomorrow.


Gabriel... said...

Have you ever taken a look at the role Canada played in the creation of the US previous to the Revolutionary War, and the role the Revolutionary War played in the creation of Canada?

It's a fascinating story. My parents were actually just in upper New York State for a reenactment of some of the 1812 battles, which is something I also have a lot of interest in.

This is the Wiki page about the pre-1776 relationship:

susan said...

Gabriel- yes I did at one time but over the years have forgotten it, since American history tends to focus on well, America.

I do love watching reenactments too, My last job I had I worked with a couple Revolutionary reenactors, and it is amazing what they do, they have to fall in a certain spot, do this, do that. ..e.. it's really amazing.

I'm going to the Wiki page now.

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