Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Breaking-R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett

How sad. I grew up watching "Charlie's Angels". My sister and I , along with a couple other girls from the neighborhood would play "Charlie's Angels". One would be Charlie of course, my sister always wanted to be Farrah, i wanted to be Jacklyn, and someone from the neighborhood would be Kate. All the boys in Jr. High had that famous picture of Farrah in their lockers, holding a lock of her gorgeous hair, and smiling that smile. You couldn't escape that picture, even Mel, from "Alice" had it on a T shirt.

She was such a diverse actress, going from the Noxema girl (with Joe Namath) to Charlies Angels, to playing a incredibly dramatic part like that of Diane Downs, in a made for TV special. She had me believing she was evil.

And today at the age of 62, somehow that doesn't seem that old- she died. At her side was former husband the actor Ryan O'Neal (of Love Story and Paper Moon fame), and a I just think- somewhere in Hollywood,a star really loose it's light.

RIP Farrah, and thank you.

Obit is here.

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Ana said...

I've just saw it at TV.
So sad.

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