Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just For Fun- My All Time 25 Favorite TV Shows

I have been really depressed with the med change, so lets do something funny. In alphabetical order, my 25 all time favorite TV Shows during my life.

1. Arrested Development

2. Barney Miller

3. Black Adder

4. Bugs Bunny

5. Columbo

6. Fairly Odd Parents

7. Family Guy

8. Fawlty Towers

9. Futureama

10. Hell's Kitchen (US)

11. House

12. Kitchen Nightmares (US)

13. Law and Order

14. Law and Order: CI

15. Monk

16. Monty Python

17. Psych

18. Red Dwarf

19. Ren and Stimpy

20. Rocko's Modern Life

21. Spongebob Square Pants

22. The Muppet Show

23. The Simpsons

24. The Sopranos

25. The Critic

I suppose I should also add "I Claudius" to the list, since it inspired me to be a History Minor. And I forgot "Seinfeld"


Ana said...

I used to see it.
Hope you are fine!

Gianna said...

I share 1 (Arrested Development) an 24 (Sopranos) with you...

I don't watch much TV...until recently...now I'm watching a lot of stuff on DVD and OH MY GOD..there is some good TV out there...production is at the level of many movies these days...

My favorite stuff is mostly more recent...and mostly cable stuff...though I love Mad Men...and some weird stuff like "Saving Grace" and "The Closer"---women cops kicking as...pretty good stuff even if it's just entertainment (the women cop stuff doesn't have the awesome production that Mad Mend has, for example)

Dexter is gruesome and freaky, but psychologically brilliant as well.

Gianna said...

kicking ass, not as! ha!

susan said...

@Ana, Ioved Columbo.I have a few DVD's of it......
Just one more thing ma'am......

@Gianna, i didn't know you liked Arrested Development, or Sopranos! Kewl! I fell in love with A.D when the older brother- the magician, was trying to find a fish in the ocean, and had a box on the boat called "Terminally Ill Cats" as bait. For some reason that just really hit the funny bone.

I haven't seen Dexter yet. Should rent. Same with Mad Men.

Gianna said...

SERIOUS TRIGGER warnings on Dexter...but if you have the stomach for it it truly is brilliant...psychologically...the first time I watched an episode on DVD I sent the rest of the DVD back because I couldn't handle it...but then I had an opportunity to watch it instantly on Netflix so I gave it a second try because I love Michael Hall and I am TOTALLY hooked now...

Arrested Development was brilliant and I fell in love with all the characters...the think I like about TV as opposed to movies...is that you get to know the characters so well...and they hang around for a few years (or if you watch it all on DVD a few years after the fact like I did with Arrested Development) they hang around for a couple of months while you eat up the DVDs...anyway...blah blah blah...nice to talk about something besides our navels!!

susan said...


I left out Seinfeld! I better change that!

Gianna said...

oh my yes, Seinfeld is one of my faves too..I watched them all in reruns every night at 7 pm...I've seen every episodes at least 3 times!!

it was the ONLY TV I watched back then.

Anonymous said...

I love House too! :)

Hope things are going well!


Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

20. Rocko's Modern Life
I loved it also!

and we already wrote of our love of Red Dwarf

Ana said...

I could still watch it at Sony Channel but I stopped because I have already see a lot.

Wendy said...

Oh, Ana, I'm so glad you said Seinfeld! I was starting to think that I was a little backwards there.
My new favorite is "Lie to me" - it was on for one season and I'm waiting for it to come back on. I have never seen it on tv, but found it on itunes! (oh, and my shrink talked me into watching House - my other favorite...)

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