Sunday, June 7, 2009

For my doggie lover friends

I have a reader who thinks I am probably a crazy cat lady. I probably am....But I know I have friends who have or are dog people. I even know I have three dogs who read me- Koda, and Mary's two pups.

And I know my last entry was raw and painful to read. To end the day on a positive note, I bring you puppies.

Woof! Enjoy!

And for those like me who hate Cymbalta but love dogs, here is one brilliant dog and what he thinks of Cymbalta. Strange the dog doesn't howl at Wal-Mart.


Gianna said...

I love the Cymbalta dog...the first time I played it...probably over a year ago my dog was in the room next to me and joined was really funny...and you know Pippin...she's a singing she DID NOT miss her chance to harmonize with the Cymbalta doggy!

Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

You won't believe what just happened. I was playing the dog howling at the TV set and the Cymbalta commercial and both my dogs ran in here and started barking their heads off.

They were very tuned in!!!

Feel better soon and we loved the puppies.


susan said...

OMG! I forgot to mention Pippin! I love that video of her.

Sandy, I cannot believe your dogs did the same as Gianna's!

Dogs are smart creatures.

Ana said...

I using headset.
I'm sure Nell would come. She has already started barking because of birds singing.

Stan said...

Dear Susan:

You have redeemed yourself finally. Those cats must be so proud {laughing}.

Anyone would have to admit those puppies are adorable.

Stephany said...

Koda says woof woof thanks! he has been trying to steal Sammy's food all day!

Cute puppies!

Ana said...

Hi Susan!
I have this award for you:

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Cute puppies :)

blu said...

i hated cymbalta. love the cymbalta dog! i believe in puppy therapy! so does my school, actually. finals are this week and my school brought in a dozen puppies for the students to play with. did i mention this is a university? damn hippies.

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