Monday, January 14, 2008

Kitty Prozac?

Last night while watching TV before bed, I heard the cat meow. Now she is a very vocal puss, but this was a meow I had never heard. Sad. In pain. I went over to her and she wouldn't let me near her. She bit me, hard drawing blood when I tried to hold her. She's never done that before. So I called the emergency vet who said to just keep her comfy until the morning, and try to get her to eat. Check her box to make sure she does what she needs to do in it. 

I put out a can of Fancy Feast tuna, her special treat and she ate it and used the box. She slept most of the night with me but would not let me near her.  Finally when it was morning, I took her to the vet. 

I just got back about 10 minutes ago from the vet with the striped one. She is fine, having puked in the car and all over the carrier. She is eating and exploring the house now, making sure that no strange felines have been in the house while she was away. Cat patrol, I guess.

The vet I use is kind, and has a large practice. She lives on a farm with her life partner, her girl friend, and they have quite a menagerie of animals. Dogs, cats, horses, etc. I like her because she really seems like she likes animals and has a gentle touch with them. She adores cats. And Holly and her predessor bough feel comfy with her, which is everything. 

The doc looked at Holly, felt her tummy area and said "she has a tummy ache". She gave her kitty pepto or something like that, Holly burped (I never heard a cat burp) and seemed to be OK.

She continued to examine Holly, looking in her ears, eyes, listening to her heart and feeling her organs under all the fur. She looked at me and said the cat seemed sad somehow, depressed. I told her I was going though a very bad patch of depression right now, the worst I have ever experienced in my life and since Holly is my best friend, it must have rubbed off on her. She picked up my vibes. 

I was told I need to get her to play more and be active a bit more. And get better as well and quickly as I can, so kitty will feel better. Or kitty can go on a dose of kitty Prozac.

Kitty Prozac? Prozac was one of the 25 drugs I have taken in my quest for wellness. I didn't do very good on it and was off it in about 2 months time. I wouldn't put Holly on it for love or money. I want my baby to be OK. I have to take better steps to get well so she will. 

Holly has quit exploring and is now snoozing on the electric blanket. I think I will go over to Petco later and get her some catnip toys and wands and play with her later this afternoon til she is exhausted. 

I love my fur baby. I would do anything for her. Now I have to start living for her. I really need to take more active steps in my recovery. 


+PHc said...

I'm so glad to know Holly is OK. And that she has a good vet. That really matters I think - and that she was attentive enough to even condider her mood.

I have heard of giving psychotropics to animals, Th at they react both to trauma and the same biochemicals as we do - but with all the difficulties in accurately finding the right protocols for people! - imagine trying to get something right for animal who can't articulate their symptoms and side effects as easily.

I'm glad Holly has you.

+PHc said...

Thank you for linking me!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have a cat who snores, good thing I can't hear while sleeping. Anyway, my cat gets depressed when we don't give her enough treats (she's fat) so I don't think prozac for her will qualify. LOL

Nice blog and congrats !!!


susan said...

Thanks Jim!

It's neat to hear that another cat snores out there. :)

Synchronicity said...

hello there...came over from +phc's blog! and i am glad i did. nope...never heard of kitty prozac either. i also never heard a cat burp. i would like to link to you and am looking forward to reading more of your writing. thank you for sharing with us.

Bleeding Heart said...

My kitty drools when she sleeps, that is so funny that Holly burped. I wish I could of heard that one :)

susan said...

Yes, the kitty burp was funny.
She just did it, it sounded like a frat boy at a kegger and then she lowered her green eyes demurely and started to groom herself, like she knew she just made an etiquette no no and couldn't care less.

I wish I knew she would have done it, and I owned a video camera, I would be posting it on You Tube. It was that funny.

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