Thursday, January 24, 2008

Even the smallest creatures can teach us

I am just relaxing at the small stuff today. Holly waking me up at 5 am because she heard birds, and then sitting on the chair by the window and watching them as dawn rose.

She got me to go in the living room by constantly meows, and when I was behind her, she jumped on the windowsill and I sat on the old chair behind her that was my dad's chair for most of my life. We sat together and watched the birds fly back and forth.

I should explain. I live in a large apartment complex, with 190 apartments spread out over a couple of acres. Rows of apartments, 10 to a row. One apartment upstairs, one down.  Some are one bedroom, some have one and a half bedrooms and some have 2 bedrooms. They were built during the Nixon administration,  so they are slightly bigger than all the new ones that have popped up on this NYC corridor. But they don't have any modern things in here, the electrical system is 35 years plus and I get a lot of time with the fuse box. No dish washer. But I do have hard wood floors, no carpeting. So it's all good.  I am on the second floor so I have a tiny balcony, with hanging plants, (fakes, but they still look good. I cannot reach them to water so I had to get fakes).

Right over my apartment there is a hole on one side of the roof, which goes straight to the attic. It's a small hole, one that a bird can fit into. So the birds live there when the weather is clement, when it rains, when it's cold. I can hear them fly around sometimes and have seen them come and go. Once a squirrel got in there and the manager had to call in a pro to catch it. The birds were also removed, the whole boarded up and it was fine for a couple of years. This past fall the birds figured out a way to get back in, much to the happiness of one Holly cat. 

Holly watched the birds this morning , wagging and thumping her tail in delight. She made small little meows, as if the birds could actually hear her, and quiver in fear. 

When the birds eventually flew away after the sun rose, she went to the kitchen, tipped over her water dish and meowed. I put more food in her bowl, opened a can of wet as a treat, and gave her fresh water. She was happy. Ate. And purred.

After she ate, she crawled in my lap, purred a bit more, putting her purr at maximum level, got some scritches and a kiss, and then crawled off to bed to snuggle with her stuffed panda bear. 

Life is simple.

Life is good

Today's lesson and goal  BE LIKE CAT



+PHc said...

I love the word "clement." The #2 definition of it is "merciful."

Peace to you today.

tanya m said...

I just found you via +phc's blog.
I don't know what to say but I wanted to offer something. I appreciate your depth and writings.

susan said...

Thank you phc. I didn't know that about the word clement.

Tati, thank you for finding my blog. Your comment really means a lot to me.

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