Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is Britney the new poster child for bipolar?

From today's news .

This terrifies me for some reason. Bipolar people do need someone prominent to tell the world what it is like and how to live with it. But Ms. Spears is clearly spiralling down and has been for some time.  This is why, I think, people are so scared of other people with bipolar.    This is why I don't tell people in real life I have bipolar.

I just hope she gets the help she needs. 

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+PHc said...

I hope she does too. I was very isolated (before) I was hospitalized, although I had the paranoia that "people" knew everything about me before I was 5150'd. but the crisis brought in people in my life who'd not been aware of my problems before, and the shame of them wanting to support me when all I could want was to hide, was hard enough. I can not imagine the vulnerability of retrusting people happening for her after all that press and that'll no doubt keep coming. That is a psychosis - a group psychosis. She's going to have to have unbelievable strength in there to pull through. Maybe she will.

Blogging seems like it might be especially helpful for you if you don't tell people in your offline life.

Thank you for visiting my site today. Sometimes I write just to write and sometimes I really need some feedback back, and today was one of those.

I hope you are sleeping soundly with no bad nightmares .

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