Friday, January 18, 2008

headline writer needed

i really need a headline writer or an editor. 

I've always had editors in the past who are good at making up clever headlines. I suck at it! 


+PHc said...

You are a good blog title writer.

Suzanna said...

Read your blog today and it broke my heart. First off because I knew John and it just sickens me to think that you think he hates you. But if this helps I knew you guys when you were together and he loved you then - that is for sure. And that matters because at one time he was in love with you and that love was real - many things don't go the way we want in our lives but it is important to not forget when someone loves us - if only for a few years - for who you were. Keep that in mind when thinking of the end. you gave - he gave - and for a period of time you both loved each other

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