Thursday, January 31, 2008

A cat's anniversary today

I adopted my fuzzy baby 5 years ago today.

She had her yearly physical today, got her rabies shot, feline distemper and leukemia. And her front paws were clipped. 

She got a can of Fancy Feast tuna when she came home. I wanted to give it to her this morning, but she has a habit of getting car sick.

Her actual birthday is next week (seriously, it is) but today is her adoption day birthday and we need to celebrate. 

I wish a great day to all the critters who share our lives with and make us happy.

Holly makes my life livable. She gives me unconditional love and her antics bring laughter in my life. She gives me companionship.

All unconditional. Just feed, change the litter box and love back.

I know it's silly but the fuzz ball is really my best friend., 

And I am grateful and blessed her paws have treaded on my heart.

p.s. Holly was a shelter cat. She was at a no kill shelter, but was housed there for 2 years because she was considered unadoptable. 

I cannot say enough for animals shelters. 

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