Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank You Psych Central

Psych Central posted their "Best Bipolar Blogs" of 2009 today. I am honored and gobsmacked to be an Honorable Mention, for the second year in a row.

 Some great blogs this year!

Thank You Psych Central!


thailandchani said...

That's great! Congrads!


herb said...

Accolades, accolades, accolades; good for the ego but does nothing for the wallet.

Susan, you are recognized for your efforts and appreciated.


Crazy Mermaid said...

Congrats! For the 2nd year in a row, even! We can all learn from you.

Mary LA said...

Congrats Susan! You rock!

Wendy said...


You deserve this so much!!! WOW I'm so happy for you!!!


susan said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I love my readers!

Sandy Naiman said...


I'm so busy marking, I haven't read a thing in days.

Please forgive me for being "Joanie Come Lately" with my kudos for you.

I'm delighted that you made the list, as you know. Order doesn't matter. You made the list. You're an exceptional writer and a wonderful blogger. I've learned so much reading you. Yours was one of the very first blogs I ever read because your writing is so compelling.

Best of all, I cherish our friendship that's evolved out of our blogging and I feel honoured to know you.

You are a beacon in my life. You have many life-lessons to share and I look forward to reading more, more, more.

Best of luck and keep writing. No matter what. I think some of the best writing comes out of the emotions that we deal with every day in our Recovery. The downs especially. The stresses.

e-hugs to you!

Here in Toronto, where H1N1 has hit and everyone is getting vaccinated, no one touches anyone anymore.

Even my mother wouldn't give me a real hug last night. She's off to Florida for the winter and I won't see her until April.

Can you imagine? Oh, well. I know she cares.


WillSpirit said...

Congratulations. You deserve the kudos, big time. For those of us starting out, trying to build an audience, do you have any comments on what has made your site such a success? It would be great to hear what you've learned along the way.

susan said...

Will, I don't know, a few people did link to me on from their blogs and gave me a shout out when I started, but I also visited a lot of blogs and left comments....

I don't understand, it , I don't have a lot of readers per say, but I just write, and hope they will come.

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