Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some home truths about the new heath care plan

Fellow New Jerseyean and blogger, Anthony has a very good take on the new health  care proposal after reading Time magazine. According to Anthony,
Who'd-a thunk big insurance companies would raise rates? Would you guess that, regardless of healthcare reform or none that rates would rise? I would. When is the last time your healthcare provider called and told you, "Hey - you know what? We're charging too much and we're going to pass the savings on to you." If that ever happened, you'd die from heart failure. Then you'd really need the insurance. What do you think the odds are that our rates will increase whether we get reform or not? Even money is a start. I think our federal government is about to find out who is really wearing the pants in this relationship.
According to Time-

Just two days before Tuesday's scheduled vote on the Senate Finance Committee's health bill, a report warning that the bill would result in sizable hikes in insurance premiums was released, and then widely panned as a flawed analysis of cherry-picked information. White House officials said they felt "misled" by the insurers, who they claimed gave no notice that they were about to release the study. And health-policy analysts fired out press releases all day Monday debunking various points made in the study, authored by consultants PriceWaterhouse Coopers, including its assertion that between 2010 and 2019 the Senate Finance Committee bill would cause the typical family health-insurance policy to rise $20,700more than if no reforms at all were enacted.

The article is worth reading and can be found here


Anthony said...

Hey, I clicked on myself!

Nothing brings out the cynic in me than when government tells us they're going to reform something.
It's even worse when government pledges to reform government.

At that point, they risk imploding on themselves.

susan said...

Anthony, I liked what you added about NJ and health care. It's really something every citizen should read about.....

Anthony said...

Yeah, well wait till you read my latest post about credit card reform.

susan said...

Anthony, I cannot wait for you to cover the story about the 4 month old baby who weighted 17 lbs and was denied health insurance because he is too fat.


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