Thursday, October 22, 2009

For Liz and Anthony and Pete - Go Phillies

I am not a Phils fan. I am a Yankee fan. But  the Phils are my third favorite team, after the Mets. So in honor of my friends who are Phillies fans, a little something while they become unbearable to live with while their beloved team plays in the world series. Yes, it's 5 am. Yes, some idiots outside my apartment have been up celebrating and making way too much noise all night to sleep. ;-(

Go Phillies!

ETA: According to Stuff on My Cat, this cat's name is Joey. I wonder if they named it after Joey Vento.


Yours Faithfully said...

Great site! Loved the pictures of the animals!

Ana said...

I'm Flamengo. LOL
This is a Brazilian football team.

susan said...

Thank you Yours!

Ana! Wouldn't Brazilian football be soccer? ;-)

Ana said...

Yes, it's soccer.
I use the word soccer but some Americans say football so I never know.
I will use soccer again.

howard said...

don't surrender your "football" terminology, Ana -- the soccer, er, "football" players had it first!


susan said...

Ana, Howard is right. Say Football! They had the name first! And didn't the one of the greats, Pele, come from your country?

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