Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blues Buster - One more incredible cute fix from the NY lottery-bunnies!

Their newest commercial, which premired on October 4, is way too cute as well, and it's all bunnies.

I really shouldn't be posting so many cute fixes, it really does take away from the professionalism of the blog...'s so cute, and these ads do cure the blues.....


D Bunker said...

Whadda ya mean "professionalism"?

Amid all this trainwreck of imaginary incurables and billing codes and awful drugs and institutional barbarisms?

There's no such thing as too many cute fixes. They're the Acme of professionalism, because there's 1000% more smiles in a cute fix than in a pill bottle.

sallyo said...

D Bunker expresses my sentiments exactly! Your blog is for YOU, as well as for those of us lucky enough to get to read it. I, personally, like the cute pix. They make my day better, too.

susan said...

D. Bunker and Sally- thank you. I find cute fixes to be cures from starting depression- when it starts to creep, baby mammals and baby humans can make me smile.

I just don't want people to think this blog is all about cute fixes- but they do make you feel happy inside, and unlike chocolate or ice cream- no calories! No guilt! And maybe you go to the local pound and save an animal's life.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I dunno... yes these are very cute commercials. But... I guess it's a bit like my reactions to Mr. Ed : it was very funny to see how the horsey moved its lips —until you find out how the producers managed to create that effect :-/ said...

While clinically depressed I 'accidentally' acquired a rabbit named Buster. He brought my butt through the worst of times. And now I'm hooked. I have 5 at home and run a rescue. ; )

Yep, they are cute and fuzzy but the commercial fails to show their true personalities...rabbits are very different than most people imagine. Prey vs predator. Very different. If you'd like to see a bunny in action check out our blog:, and this YouTube vid: The Real Energizer Bunny:

Have fun!

PS Love your blog. Thanks.

susan said...

Hi Rabbit Match,

You do have a beautiful site and you are right about rabbits. I have a friend who has 14, and I have learned so much about their personalities and wish I could adopt one.

I have added your blog to my RSS feeder and look forward to reading more of you too!

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