Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello It's Me

Hello it's me.  I've thought about this blog entry for a long long time.....
(Apologies to Todd Rundgren).

I am finding it hard to write the last few days. My brain is swarming with ideas, and I write and I write and I write. But I cannot end these pieces.  Hence, they cannot be posted.

It doesn't help that it's almost time for the World Series- a stupid title, since it only involves the USA, and not the rest of the world- and I have to watch the Yankees. It's like in my blood. Must. Watch. Yankees.

I still have my cold, I have had for most of the month of September- low grade temperature, 100- 101 daily, but over the weekend it grew to 101-102, with the same cough I cannot get rid of,  lots of phegm, etc. etc.  I have been mobile though, but this weekend, the cold came back with a vengeance.Saw the doc this morning, another round of antibiotics, this time it's the 4 round in 7 weeks,  and a warning for bed rest and drink lots of fluids.

And a cautionary comment about my white blood count is probably going through the roof.

Called the blood doc when I got home, and yes, it seems that my white blood count is going through the roof again. Must come in next week for a blood draw,  and we will see from there about another bone marrow biopsy.

When it rains it pours.

So I am still here, going to take to my bed, and read, which is a treat, and snuggle with the kitty. Work on an application for a Psychiatric Guide Dog. And sleep sleep sleep since the antibiotics make me sleepy.  All that's missing is a Snuggie, and a cup of hot chocolate.


Melissa said...

1. I hope you're feeling better soon and the white blood cell count is just a fluke.
2. Yay pooches!
3. Chicken soup, Vernor's Ginger Ale, Saltines. Yum.

Wendy said...

Susan, I'm glad your back, but so sorry you are still sick. Have you tried Mucenx DM? I think it was the only thing that finally kicked the crap out of the stuff in my daughter's lungs. Her asthma, a cold, and depresion just don't mix.
Take care of yourself! I think this is a wonderful idea about the guide dog! XOXO Wendy

Ana said...

Susan, how I wish you were better!
I still hate the psychiatrist that you are seeing and also the health system that makes it so hard to find a second opinion.
Take care.

susan said...

@Melissa. I hope so to, but it has been rapidly rising for the last couple of years.....i have my mom's chicken soup; and saltines!
@Wendy, I have Mucenx, but it says it interacts with the antibiotic.....but i do have a teddy bear!

@Ana, thank you!

Syd said...

I hope that you feel better soon. It sounds like a tough cold.

susan said...

Syd, it's not bad, it's just more annoying than bad.

Sandy Naiman said...

I love this post! It's one of your best lately. The mind of the writer struggling to get out. It's charming and provocative. You touch on the heart and soul of the writer here. How endlessly challenging it is because you're constantly competing with your own ethos, striving to delve deeper into yourself to find the words and thoughts to put down and put out there...
What a taskmaster writing is. You are such a fine writer because you make it seem so effortless, though it's not, at least not for me.
Bravo, Susan.
Keep this up. I love it. It's fresh and frank and forthright!
Get better soon and imagine how extraordinary you're writing will be when you're at the top of your game. I sense you're on the cusp. You will be there very soon.
I send healthy hugs,

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