Monday, October 12, 2009

Agoraphobia rules

I didn't realize it's been five days since I last posted.  Just trying to move files from one computer (Mac running Snow Leopard) to another one (Mac running Panther/Tiger to OS 9) and another computer, now almost dead that was running something between OS 7.5 and 8.1. Once that is done, I can turn my 22 year old mac into a fish tank!

 Also got a very bad patch of depression which transformed into agoraphobia, I haven't left the apartment since Friday, just afraid to. I need to somehow- I need to get food!  I want to walk to see the leaves turn. I just cannot open the door to do it.


sallyo said...

Hope the MAC transfer goes smoothly for you. FWIW: my husband struggles with agoraphobia on occasion, too. Hope it lifts for you soon!

Syd said...

A MAC person is always near to my heart. Came over from Mary's blog. Nice to meet you.

susan said...

@Sally, the mac transfer is going OK, it's just frustrating......I didn't know David was agoraphobic either. This is new for me- still learning how to deal with it.

@Syd, thank you! I l ove Mary. She was my very first follower!

Wellness Writer said...

Hope you feel better soon!


susan said...

Thank you Susan!

Ana said...

I've been agoraphobic for two times. The first time... I don' remember how long it lasted.
THe second time I know but I will not tell you.. lol
Now I see that I was so anxious and had so many problems with side effects that outside was terrible.
I don't remember that feeling anymore and never stood in front of the door in fear.
I just go out and close the door as if nothing has happened.
I'm sure the same wll happen to you.

Jesus Susan! You did choose such a beautiful kitty that I'm thinking about staying home for the whole week. (lol :) )

susan said...

Ana, thank you. I actually did get out today for a while, spent some time with my family, so it was nice.

How are things by you:? We got some snow flurries here!

Phil said...

I really appreciated reading this blog.

The title "If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going" is so great!

I've been helped a great deal in overcoming my agoraphobia (and overcoming the rest of my social anxiety) by attending Social Anxiety Anonymous support groups (they are free-- its a nonprofit).

Social Anxiety Anonymous also has really good writing on it's website about how to overcome social anxiety:

All I can say is it was completely free and has helped me enormously.

susan said...

Phil, thank you for finding me. The quote comes from Churchill.

I have not heard of that group, but will look into them as soon as I finish this comment! Maybe they have something close to me in real life! Thanks!

Hope to see you again in the blogosphere.!

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