Friday, October 30, 2009

In Honor of Mischief Night and Halloween

In honor of Mischief Night, and Halloween, I want to pass on two very good blogs to help you get in the spirit of things, pardon the pun.

One is a brilliant blog on Zombies,  which is like getting a daily Zombie a day.  They are drawn on an ipod, and just make you smile. Here is one. I personally love this blog, and find it great to see first thing in the am, with my morning cup of coffee.

I really think Zombies are cooler than Vampires.

The other site is about Martians. Yes, Martians! I am happy to say I live near where the Martians landed  71 years ago. This blog has been in existence since 2004, and it's fun that someone has so much to say about the "Night that panicked America".

(Monument at Grovers Mills, NJ, where the Martians landed in 1938.)

Lastly, if you never heard the Orson Welles  here is a link to hear the broadcast in it's entirety.

I cannot help but wonder what a Zombie and a Martian would do if they got together.

Have a great Halloween, Stay Safe, and enjoy.


Ana said...

Hope you are fine Susan!
Always missing you.
My Skype: Ana.luiza743

susan said...

Thanks Ana. I hope Nell wasn't too spooked by the trick or treaters.

I don't have Skype yet. I should look into it.

Ana said...

We don't have Halloween in Brazil.
Nell is such a doll that she understood after some lesson I teach her that she doesn't need to fear fireworks noise.
Hope Holly is fine.
Love love love...............

Red Pill Junkie said...

"I cannot help but wonder what a Zombie and a Martian would do if they got together."

Oh, I can... I'm that perverted & politically incorrect. Maybe that's why would have gotten along fine with Ed Wood :-P

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