Friday, October 23, 2009

Even Famous People Can Get the Blues

From yesterday's New York Daily News-

Hulk Hogan came "damn close" to killing himself after downing a cocktail of Xanax and rum, but an unexpected phone call saved his life.

In his new tell-ll book "My Life Outside the Ring", the notorious wrestler turned reality TV star admits he hit rock bottom after his divorce from his ex wife Linda, even reaching for a gun and putting his finger on the trigger. Fortunately, a phone call from his "Gladiators" co star Laila Ali, who noticed that Hogan was looking distracted earlier at work, prevented him from ending his life. 

It doesn't matter who you are, rich or poor , famous or not, we all get like that and the important thing to know is the feeling does pass. Listen to Elton John's song "Someone saved my life tonight", It does happen.  Good luck to Mr. Hogan. 

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Syd said...

I think that those thoughts happen more than we like to think and to everyone.

susan said...

Syd, agreed. It also shows us that everyone is the same.....subject to the same slings and arrows as the other guy.

Anthony said...

There's a concept that money leads to happiness. If you ask people, they'd tell you that their troubles would end if they could become either rich or famous - or both.
Frequently, the idle time brought about by wealth encourages odd behavior and presents us with options that we wouldn't have if we were doing the work-a-day thing.

Mostly, as Lenny said, "We're all the same schmuck." We're not genetically different enough that the same things affect us differently.

susan said...

When I posted this, I was thinking of "Richard Corey". Either the song or the poem, depending on how old a person is. Someone everyone thought had everything and still died because something wasn't right.

I WANT to be rich enough to pay my bills, make sure I have a roof over my head, and a little bit over to do things like movies, a good meal out every now and then, and to have an endless supply of tuna for the cat. ;-)

Mark p.s.2 said...

If I was in the USA with how easy it is to find-buy a gun, I think I'ld be dead . I'm not suicidally inclined now, but was for most of my life.

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