Monday, August 10, 2009

Send good thoughts for Liz Spikol

Last night Liz Spikol sent out a curious email, saying that her email address at Philadelphia Weekly was no longer working and gave out a new, generic address.

This morning, Philip Dawdy, at Furious Seasons, is reporting that

"I suspect readers of The Trouble With Spikol are just now realizing that Liz Spikol is no longer at Philadelphia Weekly and that her well-read blog is now pretty much shuttered, since it's technically owned by the paper. She told me by email last night that she's feeling rather glum, but intends to get back to blogging...just not right away. So stay tuned."


Anonymous said...

I read her blog, and am sad to see it go. If you have a way of contacting her please let her know that a reader is sending good thoughts.

sisyphusgal said...

That's unfortunate news. I found your blog through her blog. I'm sending out good energy to her.

herb said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the heads up on Liz. I’m truly sorry to read the news. If you communicate with her please pass along my best wishes to her. I truly wish Liz well.

And thanks for alerting me to your site and musings. There are a couple of topics you’ve recently posted that I probably would shake up some of the troops with my somewhat contrarian thoughts and opinions from my perspective.

More importantly, I do hope that you’re doing better yourself.

I’m surprised by a response that you made “I never heard of TMS, I will have to look at it.” I think it incumbent upon those who suffer long-term serious depressive issues and/or their support persons to be informed of all existing therapies as well as those currently under study. One simply doesn’t know where or when a reasonably helpful therapy may be found. To this day although Joyce maintains stability I continue researching and reading never knowing how long we can maintain her remission.

I’m also sorry to read about your back challenges. That number 3 is very familiar to me. I too am challenged with 3 bad discs and have kept things going over the years with periodic epidurals and gingerly moving about.

Again, thanks for the information as I wish you wellness.


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